7 Types Of Protein With Unique Visual Benefits

Everyone knows about “Soy” and “Whey” being the most known types of protein these days. I mean, just go to Tropical Smoothie or go to your local GNC store and there it is…..your choice between soy or whey, right?  Plant or animal base is your choice. Well, there are more in depth options out there and one’s that can add more benefit to your nutrition plan. As you get more into eating healthy and have certain goals you want to reach, you may start looking for more options other than the local health store protein shake.

First, Why Protein? | Types Of Proteins

There are various types of proteins to help in maintaining a favorable body composition. Proteins have the power to maintain and build muscles, increase fitness levels, improve body immunity and provide adequate antioxidants to your body. Apart from improving your overall fitness level, they also help your body to build HDL cholesterol and boost insulin resistance which also aid towards ideal weight management. Proteins are known to be the most prime calorie element which can favorably enable weight loss.

How can different types of proteins aid weight management? Choosing plant source proteins or proteins that come from grain legumes limits the risk of saturated fats found in animal proteins.

There are certain proteins which are extremely effective in weight reduction and maintenance of fitness levels. The most prominent among them are Sprouted brown rice protein, Pea protein, Chia, Flax, Quinoa, Amaranth and Sachi inchi. Let’s quickly go over them.

Types of Proteins Other Than Soy and Whey

Sprouted brown rice protein

This is the most natural and organic source of raw and vegan protein for your body. Studies have revealed numerous health benefits of the sprouted brown rice proteins such as:

  • Fight diabetes by improving insulin resistance.
  • Protects your body against any fatty liver disease
  • Cardiovascular diseases are significantly reduced by sprouted brown rice
  • Helps nursing mothers by decreasing depression and fatigue in the post-pregnancy period.

Pea protein

types of protein

Pea Protein

Peas are a kind of legumes which comprise of highly digestible proteins and allow maximum absorption capacity in your body. It provides a high quantity of various amino-acids and is 100% gluten-free. It can also prevent various kidney problems in the human body. The various advantages of pea protein include:

  • Provides energy to the body.
  • Improves the digestive capacity at the maximum level
  • It aids weight loss by forming peptides which can lower the hunger feeling and provide fullness to the stomach for a relatively longer period of time.
  • Aids in building mass in the muscles and improve the weight loss rate.
  • Prevents kidney and cardiovascular diseases in the body.


Chia seeds are of the most natural super foods and grown in South Mexico. They come from a member of the mint family and have a host of benefits. Chia contains all 9 of the essential amino acids. As most nutritious plant proteins are incomplete proteins, Chia is a complete protein like meat. Benefits are:

  • Increase the stamina levels of your body
  • Improve your endurance capacity and stimulate hydration.
  • Helps effective weight loss as they provide a feeling of appetite satisfaction for a longer time due to the Phenylalanine+tyrosine amino acid in them
  • Creates a gel which can flush all toxins from the intestines
  • Rich source of omega 3 fatty acids which aid in preventing inflammation and heart disease.


types of protein

Flax Protein

Flax, has many micro nutrients but it is primarily known for three kinds of ingredients. That is, omega3 fatty acids, lignans and fiber content. Ground flax seeds are the best choice for effecting weight loss. Some of the main health benefits of consuming flax seeds are:

  • Powerful agent against all toxins that can hinder the digestion process in the body.
  • They have a very high chlorophyll content which is greater than that of plants and also contains wheat grass and spiriluna.
  • They provide relaxation to the nerves and acts as a stress buster in the body.
  • They can prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
  • They are a rich source of fiber, which helps the body feel full longer. The calorie consumption gets reduced, resulting in weight loss.
  • Eases the effects of Type 2 diabetes


This is a seed and has the most essential set of nine amino acids that you need for a healthy and fit body.

  • Help in building strong muscles and is a huge source of dietary fiber in the human body.
  • Include magnesium, folate, iron and phosphorous which provide complete nutrition to your body
  • Low end of the glycemic index
  • Vital to bone development and maintenance
  • Rich in manganese, for activating enzymes which is important in efficiently metabolizing carbohydrates and cholesterol


Amaranth is a kind of herb that has more than 60 varieties all over the world. Most people consume amaranth as grains, vegetables and cereals for their innumerable health benefits.

  • The protein content in this herb is 35% more than oats, rice or wheat flour
  • Contains the complete set of amino acids and is completely gluten free.
  • Keeps your immune system in high order and the body fit and healthy
  • Good for skin problems like eczema and can be a good acne remedy
  • Helps with sore throats and swollen gums
  • Helps to keep hair healthy and colorful

Sachi Inchi

Sachi Inchi is a prime source of omega 3 fatty acids and creates a healthy balance between omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids.

  • Help in keeping the metabolism rate of your body fine tuned
  • Acts as a natural antioxidant
  • Improves the immune system
  • Lowers the LDL cholesterol levels in the body
  • Prevents breast cancer and aids colon
  • Controls blood sugar level
  • Prevents blood clotting
  • Aids weight loss by maintaining the metabolism rate

Proteins are an essential part of a balanced diet as they break down to form amino acids in the body. The consumption of different types of proteins can eliminate toxins from the body, improve muscle mass, metabolism rate and hence aid effective weight loss in the body.

My Choice Of Types Of Proteins

18 months ago, when I decided to change my life by eating healthier and exercising, I knew that not only did I have to find a way to get the best of the worlds best ingredients into my body, but it had to be affordable. I had no clue what I was doing and up to this day, I learn something new. I found a way to get all the proteins I mentioned above with Shakeology.

People ask me, is it like juicing? I say, much cheaper and a lot more effective because it’s formulated to get max results from each ingredient. One serving of a $4 shakeology drink is equal to about $41 of vegetables, fruits, and grasses needed for juicing. Also, I am not about to take a juicer and a cooler of produce around to work with me. Then again, if Shakeology didn’t exist with the types of protein it has, I probably would haul around a cooler.

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