Benefits Of Essential Oils – Humidifiers & Diffusers

benefits of essential oilsThe many benefits of essential oils are often well-known to those who have flirted with the idea of natural living. Broadly speaking, these natural oils can help you relax, get better sleep, have more energy, and achieve better overall health.

Essential Oil Diffusers and Humidifiers

Even with the numerous health benefits of essential oils to urge you along, a little help in using them wouldn’t hurt. This is where essential oil diffusers and humidifiers come in. These innovative and fancy little gadgets make it easier to treat yourself to the rewards of essential oils. And not only that, the essential oil diffusers and humidifiers will also help you enjoy the following benefits.

1. They Offer A Lasting Treatment
When applied the old-fashioned way, the soothing benefits of essential oils don’t last long. And after spending a long hard day at work, the relaxing and soothing effect of essential oils should last a little longer than a few minutes. The diffusers and humidifiers make this a possibility.

The diffuser will keep blasting the essential oil vapors around you and give your body comfort and healing for much longer. Even when you are seeking benefits of essential oils such a better sleep, these devices are better suited to the role because their effects go on for much longer.

2. They Are More Convenient
Manually applying essential oils on yourself can get a little inconvenient. Imagine this – you have just had a tough morning, and you think the lunch break would be a good time to relax. This would be an ideal time to relax and sooth yourself with your favorite essential oil. Unfortunately, you usually have to juggle enjoying your lunch and maybe catch a few winks.

With a diffuser or a humidifier, you don’t have to make face the irony of getting busy with essential oils trying to reap their relaxation benefits. With these gadgets, the benefits of essential oils will be available to you in the background as you go about other activities.

3. They Are Easy To Use
The effort to relax yourself, sooth your sore muscles, and get a restful sleep should just be as , the effort should be just as smooth. And with essential oil diffusers and humidifiers, it is. With just the simple push of a button, these devices are usually good to go, and you can lie back and wait to enjoy the benefits of essential oils in all their glory.

essential oil diffuser

The ease of use these gadgets provide is perfect considering when they are most needed. People use essential oils when they are exhausted. At these times, anything that takes a little effort seems like a huge hustle. Therefore, with essential oil humidifiers and diffusers, getting comfortable for a therapeutic essential oil treatment should be effortless.

4. They Are Good for Bugs
Essential oils are good for your body, but bugs respond very differently to them. Like germs, household pests like mosquitoes. Usually, to get rid of these insects, people have to use dangerous chemicals capable of doing more harm than the bugs themselves.

But to get these bug-elimination benefits of essential oils, proper administration is necessary. This is achieved with the help of essential oil humidifiers and diffusers. In particular, clove essential oil and lemongrass essential oils have been shown to repel mosquitoes, and the most dangerous sort there is. These oils are even capable of repelling ZIKA-carrying mosquitoes.

5. They Reduce Dust in The Air
In addition to killing pathogens and repelling bugs, essential oil diffusers also help reduce the amount of dust in the air. That is because they release particles that have an ionizing effect. These particles interact with the dust particles and make them fall to the ground. Essentially, this reduces their concentration in the air, which ensures the air is fresher.

6. They Ensure that Essential Oils Retain their Essences
Depending on the technology used, diffusers and humidifiers will usually do a great job of ensuring that essential oils retain their natural properties. Still, there are technologies that use a diffusion technology that might alter the properties of these oils and reduce their effectiveness.

But with many of the best diffusers in the market, the essential oils are dispersed into the air while still in their natural form. This ensures that users enjoy the benefits of essential oils in their entirety. In cases where the device being used needs to heat up the essential oil and use similar processes before diffusion, the essential oil can be altered chemically and end up being dangerous when it was intended to be beneficial to the users.

Essential Humidifiers and Diffusers Comparison
Although both diffusers and humidifiers work to ensure the air around them is infused with several benefits of essential oils, they are quite different in some ways. For instance, diffusers vaporize the essential oils into a fine mist and add a cold effect to them for an aromatic feel. This makes diffusers more suited to scenarios where the user needs the atmosphere to feel fresh.

essential oil for sleep

Humidifiers, on the other hand, ensure that the air is not only full of essential oil vapors, but also that it is moist. Also, thanks to modern technology, there are gadgets that combine the benefits of diffusers and humidifiers. Nevertheless, each of these essential oil vapor dispensing products has its unique benefits. Each has its own downsides as well.

Diffuser Benefits
– Good in situations where you are trying to reduce the amount of pathogens in the air using essential oils
– Better suited to air purification
– Diffusers work better in cases where the essential oil is being used to enhance mood and reduce mental fatigue
– A diffuser is preferable in situations where you need the essential oil to relax and sooth yourself.
– Diffusers are easy to maintain
– The benefits of essential oils are felt more quickly when a diffuser is used, which can prove critical in situations where fast relaxation and relief is required

Diffuser Cons
– There are models that can be a little noisy
– Good diffusers can get a little pricey

Humidifier Benefits
– Better where the desired benefits of essential oils include relieving nose and sinus issues
– Adds moisture into the air-purification
– Good for inducing sleep and reducing snoring
– Better in dry environments where the moisture they produce can reduce incidences of cracking and drying of furniture

Humidifier Cons
– Some humidifiers heat up water, and this can be a health hazard for pets and children
– Incorrect humidity settings can cause excessive humidity, which can be a downside
– Maintaining the humidifier can be a little demanding, failure to do so can attract bacteria and mold, turning it into a source of pathogens for your home
– Some have lights, and these can be a distraction
– They might not work well with thick essential oils

Diffusers vs Humidifiers
Generally speaking, diffusers have more benefits to offer than humidifiers when used with essential oils. The most noted therapeutic benefits of essential oils are better experienced when using a diffuser. Humidity should be a critical concern before you consider using a humidifier to infuse your air with essential oils in place of a diffuser.

Benefits of Essential Oils

There are many reasons to get essential an essential oil humidifier and diffuser. The reasons to use essential oils are even more compelling. In fact, here are some of them.

1. Better Mood
A bad mood is a psychological and health burden that many people would be happy to offload. With essential oils, this is easy as these natural compounds have the ability to make you feel better about yourself and life in general. Additionally, getting that good mood is even easier when you own an essential oil diffuser or humidifier.

With your essential oil benefits being administered in this form, you can rest easy knowing that you have an invisible fountain of positive energy around you to rid you of your bad mood and make you feel uplifted and happier. Actually, the mood elevating benefits of essential oils can be used to create a soothing and romantic mood when having special moments with a loved one.

2. Better Mental Performance
If you are engaged in a mentally-demanding task, essential oils can be all you need to push your performance to the next level. To begin with, these oils will sooth your muscles, and being relaxed helps your mind perform better. Additionally, these oils also improve your mood, as mentioned above, and that makes your might more focused and apt. these oils are also known to enhance your hormonal balance, which has been strongly linked to better mental performance.

3. Sickness Prevention
Some people underestimate the healing and disease prevention capabilities of essential oils. But, once you become an avid essential oils user, you can expect to experience less problems with cold, flu, and a number of other diseases.

The use of humidifiers and diffusers has even been proven to enhance the healing benefits of essential oils. That is because these gadgets ensure that the essential oils are released into the air in vapor form. Many of the pathogens responsible for popular illnesses usually reside in the air around us. Therefore, when the anti-pathogenic essential oil particles meet with these germs, they destroy them and keep the air pure and healthier for you and your family.

This same effect is extended when the essential oils pass through your airways. Additionally, essential oils are also known to boost immunity, which is another way of ensuring that most disease-causing pathogens will have no ability to make you sick.

Other essential oils can even heal you from diseases you are already experiencing. For instance, some essential oils are powerful anti-allergens, especially for people with breathing issues. Diffuser-administered essential oils are also great at relieving pain. In fact, these devices ensure that you enjoy these pain-reducing benefits of essential oils for much longer.

4. Purer Air
Air purifiers usually infuse the air in your home with potentially dangerous chemicals whose health risks often outweigh their air-purification benefits. There are many essential oils which offer strong and charming natural scents that can make your home smell nice and exciting. Since, these products are natural, they will not be masking other health issues when they are used around your home.

However, the scent-based benefits of essential oils are better experienced when you use a diffuser or a humidifier. These devices will keep pumping the vapors of deliciously scented essential oils such as sandalwood into the air around your home.

And as you know, it is not just the great scent you will enjoy even as you try to chase the nice natural scent – they will also ensure that everyone is in a better mood and that you enjoy every other benefits that particular essential oil has to offer, for instance, relaxation, mental agility and healing.

Some Popular Essential Oils and Their Benefits

There are various types of essential oils, and each sines when it comes to providing a particular aromatic or therapeutic benefit. Here are some of them.

– Healing essential Oils
Ginger, frankincense, grapefruit, eucalyptus, and myrrh have numerous healing properties. Ginger can relieve nausea, improve digestion, and reduce inflammation. Eucalyptus helps deal with respiratory problems like allergies and bronchitis, while grapefruit can help improve metabolism and reduce cellulite.

– Relaxing and Mood Improving Essential Oils
For relaxation, essential oils like lavender can be used. And for an uplifting mood, an essential oil like cypress can be used. Peppermint is great for improving your mood, while rosemary is great at improving cognitive performance. And for a romantic relaxation experience, sandalwood essential oil can be great as it has been linked to improved energy. Sandalwood is also considered a natural aphrodisiac.

In Conclusion
There is no question about it, essential oils have a lot of benefits to offer. And while it is understandable that some people might not be ready to commit to a “natural lifestyle”, it is undeniable that everyone has something to gain from incorporating essential oils in their lives.

Fortunately, for people who want to reap the benefits of essential oils without feeling like their lives revolve around these compounds, diffusers and humidifiers exist. With these gadgets, enjoying the varied benefits these natural products have in store for you will be quite painless. These devices are easy to use and now quite affordable.

More importantly, they ensure that you enjoy the benefits of essential oils with a greater level of convenience. As a matter of fact, the benefits of essential oils are enhanced when using diffusers and humidifiers. That means that they don’t just solve the problems busy users might have when using essential oils, but they will also improve the rewards of these great natural compounds among essential oil enthusiasts. So, anyone who wants to get richer rewards from using essential oils should seriously consider the use of a diffuser or humidifier.

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Benefits of Lemon Water | 10 Things You Need To Know

Benefits of Lemon Water

benefits of drinking lemon water

You’re likely aware of the necessity of plain water, but do you know how beneficial drinking lemon water is? Although it’s recommended from health professionals, drinking a copious amount of water regularly can be pretty boring because it tastes bland. We need a little excitement throughout our day and that includes what we drink, even how we drink it.

Adding lemon to your water makes all the difference in terms of taste, and it also comes with many other healthy advantages. Let’s dive into the benefits of lemon water. Who know’s, after reading this all the way through, maybe you’ll be an expert on the topic and maybe even take your health to a whole new level.

The Top 10 Lemon Water Benefits

  1. Lemon water will improve your energy due to the Vitamin B & C, plus the other nutrients thanks to lemons. It’ll make you feel more rejuvenated and ready for the take on the day. It’s an excellent way to wake up in the morning as opposed to drinking coffee(which is a form of stimulant energy that will soon make you tired); it’s robbing Peter to pay Paul, basically borrowing energy now, only to crash later. Drinking coffee also raises your cortisol levels, therefore adding more stress in your life. Once you get into a habit of drinking lemon water in the morning, you can wave your caffeine addiction goodbye. The smell of the lemon water is enough to brighten your mood and make you want to be productive with your time.
  2. Water on its own can do wonders for your skin, and lemon water is even more beneficial for that purpose. This is due to the fact that it stimulates the growth of new blood cells and also purifies the blood in general. There are also many powerful antioxidants in lemon water, which flushes dangerous toxins from the body and leaves you with a healthy looking glow that even the most expensive makeup products cannot achieve. Natural is best, and this is as natural as it gets.
  3. Consuming lemon water will also boost your immune system. It’ll help keep you away from minor/major illnesses like the flu. The Vitamin C is what makes the drink a cold fighter, and in addition to that, there are saponins found in lemons which are full with antimicrobial properties.
  4. One of the main lemon water benefits is its ability to initiate weight loss. There’s a great amount of pectin fiber in lemons which will suppress your appetite, help you eat smaller portions and therefore make you lose weight. Many people (including celebrities) actually go on a lemon water “detox” if they want to lose a significant amount of weight quickly. Lemon water is calorie free, and by replacing other drinks with it, you are actually cutting calories without even realizing.
  5. It’s a natural treatment for many ailments in the mouth and throat area such as throat infections and sore throats. The antibacterial properties of the acidic liquid have healing and soothing effects, and it is really effective in treating tonsillitis. Gargling warm lemon water when you have a sore throat can be a quick and easy cure.
  6. If you suffer from bad breath and nothing you do seems to make a difference, why not give lemon water a try? It’s said that due to the acidic nature of lemons, it triggers the production of saliva in the mouth. The basic nature of saliva discourages the growth of bacteria that causes bad breath. Lemon will also remove the white layer of bacteria on the tongue that festers as you sleep which will tame that dreaded morning breath.
  7. Another benefit of this miraculous drink is that it’s great for digestion because it aids the removal of toxins and other harmful compounds from the body. Not only does an improved digestive system mean you will get a flatter stomach, but it also makes you unlikely to suffer from constipation and diarrhea. A well-functioning digestive system ensures maximum absorption of food nutrients. This in turns improves your overall wealth. It would help you visit the toilet regularly. This is why many famous stars use lemon water as a detox when they have an important red carpet event approaching.
  8. The urinary tract is cleaned by regular consumption of lemon water. If you suffer from UTI’s or other water infections often, this is perfect for you because their reoccurrence will be prevented.
  9. Your liver will also benefit from drinking lemon water. It’s therefore recommended that you take a few glasses after a hard night of drinking. The liver removes toxins from the body hence keeping you in good condition your health. Lemon water will also enhance the enzyme function in all other parts of your body and also get rid of any bacteria that might be harmful to you.
  10. Lemons are super high in potassium, just like the more well-known bananas. Potassium is essential in the working of most vital organs like your heart, brain, kidneys and muscles.

Now that you’ve heard some of the amazing lemon water benefits, what have you got to lose by NOT drinking it? I recommend getting giving it a shot. Instead of a sugary soda, try a glass of pure lemon water.

Below are some other tips that you might find useful when making this beneficial lifestyle change.

Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Other helpful tips for drinking lemon water

When’s the best time to drink lemon water?

There’s no doubt that it’s good for you all day long but you can heighten the lemon water benefits by making sure you drink plenty in the morning. Not only will this make you feel more awake, but it also gives you the touch of hydration that you’ll need to get you started on your day. You’ve basically been fasting as you sleep so when nothing has gone into your body yet. If you drink lemon water then, its benefits will be more pronounced. Consuming lemon water around half an hour before you have your breakfast will help ensure that you do not overeat and it will also kick-start your body’s digestive system.

What to add for flavor

If you want to flavor your lemon water, even more, you should try a drop of honey or include other fruits as well such as blueberries, strawberries, even mint, and more. It’ll make it even tastier. You can read some pretty amazing stories of people who’ve tried a lemon-honey water cleanse online and if you want to experience the same kind of perks, why not try it?

Lemon water benefits

If you’re craving something sweet and at the same time you do not wish to overindulge in chocolate or something heavy, perhaps adding honey to your lemon water could be a good option. If you don’t like honey or the combination of flavors just don’t appeal to you, regular lemon water will be fine. DO NOT add anything else that may destroy it’s chemical composition and make it worthless.

In other words, don’t run 5 miles in the morning, only to indulge in pizza, beer, and a triple chocolate cake right after if you’re looking to transform your health.

Drink lemon water cold or warm?

Although lemon water is often drunk cold, there are also benefits to drinking it warm. Warm lemon water is said to be better than cold lemon water because it helps even more with digestion and weight loss. Some people simply prefer the taste of warm lemon water; it’s particularly nice to drink in the colder months of the year. You can make warm lemon water by boiling the kettle slightly or using a cup of hot water to soak your bottle of infused lemon water.

Working out

You’ll be doing some amazing things for your body by taking in lemon water regularly. However, you won’t make much of a difference if you continue to have bad eating habits and avoid exercise. Working out and eating well is the best way to keep your body in good shape, so try and make other positive changes too.

Drinking lemon water should help you with this due to the fact that it works as an appetite suppressant, puts you in a better mood, energizes you and boosts your metabolism. It will kick off the sluggish feeling and fatigue and allow you to carry out workout routines for longer periods.

Peeling off lemons and juicing the fruit into a glass of water could be a daunting task. There are some ways to make it more convenient. Fruit infused water bottles are an option. These are easy to take with you and keeps the lemon water fresh and evenly mixed.

One thing about drinking lemon water squeezed by hand directly into a glass of water is that it can be overly sour. I recommend soaking the lemon itself in a pitcher of water and pouring it in a glass as needed. Or if you’d like to make it easy to drink lemon water on the go, give this vibrant fruit infuser try.

benefits of drinking lemon water



Amazing Benefits of Chlorella As a Super Food

If it is your goal to get fit and be healthy, a nutritious diet plan is imperative. In the past, calories were highly misunderstood by a lot of individuals. A lot of them have focused their attention simply counting calories without taking into consideration the content of the food they eat.

This is where superfoods enter the picture. Superfoods are becoming popular among fitness buffs, athletes and those who want to improve their health. Given the number of people acquiring ailments mainly due to their diets, healthier alternative is now becoming popular not only for professional athletes but even for the average Joe.

What are superfoods?

Superfoods have high levels of essential vitamins and minerals that can meet and replenish the body’s needs for its day to day activities. Superfoods are typically plant and fish based food options that carry a wide variety of health benefits.

To some individuals, it is simply a marketing term for something that is healthy. In reality, the undeniable higher dose of vitamins and minerals make this a better option for those who want to live a healthier life. In fact, this is why a diet consisting of superfoods is highly recommended for those who perform high intensity activities such as athletes and even those involved in blue collar industries.

Chlorella as a superfood

One of the most underrated superfood options is chlorella. Typically, superfoods are associated to blueberries, yogurt, and quinoa among many others.

Chlorella is an alga that is consumed both as a health supplement and complete food in different parts of the globe. It contains high amounts of protein, essential fatty acids, enzymes, as well as vitamins and minerals.

To give you an idea about the content of Chlorella, majority of Chlorella’s content is protein. 45% of its content is protein, which makes it a great alternative food source, especially for those who are scientists who are looking to solve world food crisis.

The popularity of chlorella isn’t something new. Because of the growing population, and the impending world food problem, researchers have focused their attention efficient food options. In the 1940s, Chlorella was viewed as a possible alternative to traditional agriculture products, due to its high protein and vitamin content.

So what are the amazing benefits of chlorella to the body given all this information? Could this be a superfood option for those who want to stay healthy? Or perhaps, even professional athletes could benefit from this?

Amazing benefits of chlorella

The amazing benefits of chlorella are still underrated in the health niche. Unlike other food options, such as salmon and blueberries, chlorella is a lesser known superfood. Just to give you an idea how much are you missing by not incorporating chlorella in your diet, here are some things that you get from this superfood.

  1. Chlorella is an antioxidant

In a 2010 study, chlorella has been found to contain a peptide known as chlorella-11 which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Today, chlorella is considered by many health buffs as an ingredient to their smoothies. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it detoxifies the body and hastens the process of getting rid of toxins.


This explains why chlorella has wonderful effects on the skin. Because of its antioxidant properties, it enhances the way people look once they consume chlorella regularly. Aside from its antioxidant properties, chlorella also contains high level of vitamins and minerals that help the skin glow.

  1. Protection against chemotherapy and radiation

Another benefit of chlorella as a superfood is its ability to protect the body from radiation and chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is a treatment that not only kills cancer cells, but even the healthy cells. Killing both cells, it depletes the body’s defenses against infection.

What chlorella does is to help negate the effects of chemotherapy on healthy cells. It has a fibrous wall which could latch to cancer treatment substances and heavy metals such as lead and mercury, subsequently removing toxins and radiation out of the system.

  1. Cancer preventive properties

And aside from lessening the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, chlorella also has tumor fighting properties. Given the things we are exposed to, everyone is at risk of developing cancer. Cancer cells are basically normal cells that have grown abnormally.


What chlorella does is to enhance the T-cells that fight off abnormal cells in the body. And also, it allows the body’s immune system to function better against infections.

To give you a better understanding how chlorella’s anti-cancer property works, chlorella contains high levels of chlorophyll that emits oxygen. And looking at the characteristics of cancer cells, these are mostly living in anaerobic or oxygen lacking environments.

Also, it has high levels of magnesium which corrects mineral level on cellular level. This lessens the probability of cancer forming due to incorrect mineral levels.

  1. Prevents diabetes and prevents high cholesterol levels

There are many reasons for us to develop type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol levels. From the stressful work environment to our daily eating habits, these are some factors that affect us in the long run. According to a study, individuals who took 8,000 mg of chlorella divided into two doses everyday exhibited lower cholesterol levels and manageable blood glucose levels.

It has been discovered that chlorella initially affects the cholesterol levels, before affecting the blood glucose levels.

  1. Weight loss

As the body ages, it becomes more difficult to maintain and lose weight. As your body’s metabolism slow down, the body doesn’t burn calories like it used to. What chlorella can do is to help the body get rid of unwanted weight.

What chlorella does is to improve circulation, and increase metabolism which then allows the body to burn more calories even at resting state.

  1. Better digestion

Digestion plays a crucial role in providing nutrition to the body. The digestive process allows the body to receive all the nutrients that it needs. It allows the body to have regular bowel movement given its high fiber content. What chlorella does is to improve the digestive system’s overall function. It has been discovered to boost the presence of probiotics in the digestive system as well.

  1. Better eyesight

A lot of people tend to lose their 20/20 vision from activities that they do and the food that they eat. One of the most amazing benefits of Chlorella is how it helps the eyes. Chlorella plays a huge role in protecting the eyes with its abundant content of lutein, alpha and beta carotene.


A lot of people are looking to improve their overall health by changing the types of food that they eat. A great number of health enthusiasts have turned to Superfoods to achieve this goal. If you are looking to mix things up in your diet, the amazing benefits of chlorella should be enough to urge more people, especially athletes and fitness buffs to include this option into their meals.

The Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet For Health and Fitness

A question I hear often is, “Why eat a plant based diet if I’m exercising regularly and eating the right portions of food?” It’s a common question among people who are keen on their health and have started their fitness journey. Wouldn’t you say that achieving your ultimate health and fitness goals require that you combine physical exercising with the right nutrition? You can’t do one and ignore the other. It’s like Peanut butter no JELLY! Cereal No MILK! Biscuits No GRAVY! You get the point?

Nutritionists give varying reasons why you should or shouldn’t eat a raw vegan plant-based diet. Those opposed to a raw plant-based diet lay emphasis on the importance of cooking food and possible nutrient deficiency. However, they don’t dispute the importance of plant-based diets to human health.
If you’re unsure about shifting to this diet, read on and learn the benefits of plant based diets to your fitness journey.

What is a Plant-Based Diet?

It’s important to define a vegan plant-based diet before we go further and discuss its benefits. Many people confuse a vegan diet with a vegetarian diet. Vegetarians eliminate animal products from their diet based on philosophical and religious beliefs.
A vegan plant-based diet is based on health benefits and includes unprocessed foods and little or no animal products. A plant diet includes whole nuts, vegetables, fruits, legumes, seeds, pseudograins, and beans. The diet may include unprocessed animal products such as eggs and milk. A strict vegan diet does not include any animal products.

Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

As indicated earlier, you can only achieve your fitness goals by combining exercises with the right diet. Eating a raw plant-based diet has the following health benefits:

1. Plant-based diets contain little cholesterol
One of your fitness goals is probably to reduce your cholesterol level. A strict vegan diet contains no cholesterol and will help you reduce bad cholesterol in your body. Animal products increase your bad cholesterol levels especially when processed. Eating a plant-based diet ensures that you don’t regain the cholesterol you burn during physical exercises.

2. A plant-based diet helps you control your blood sugar
Vegetables have a high fiber content, which slows down the absorption of sugar into your blood stream. This controlled absorption of sugar keep you energized all day. You reduce your intake of snacks and sugars to boost your energy levels in between meals.

3. Raw plant-based diets are rich in nutrients
One rule of preparing some plant-based diets is to eat them raw or cook them for a short period and under low heat, under 118 degrees. Include as many raw products as you can in your daily diet. You can eat vegetables raw or steamed. The key is to avoid processed plant-based foods. Raw vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. Over-cooked food may be tasty but the prolonged heat reduces its nutritional value

4. Plant-based diets reduce your risk of some diseases
You can reduce your risk of many lifestyle diseases by changing your diet. A plant-based diet will help you reduce your risk of diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity and heart disease. The fiber in this diet improves digestion and reduces your risk of digestive complications. Plant-based diets reduce your exposure to toxins, increase antioxidants in your body and detoxify your body.

The Importance of a Plant Based Diet to Fitness

Eating a raw vegan plant-based diet support your fitness journey in many ways.

These include:

1. The Diet Helps you Lose Excess Weight
Most fitness programs are focused on burning fat and shedding excess weight. A plant based diet reduces your meal and snack times by controlling your sugar absorption. In addition, the diet contains little or no cholesterol that is found in animal products. You can maintain a low body weight with this diet without losing your muscle mass due to less stress on your body versus the traditional North American diet, which normally consists of refined, processed foods with little to no nutritional value.

2. A Plant-Based Diet Helps You Recover from Physical Exercises in a Healthy Way
Physical exercises drain your energy especially if you have signed up for an intense program. Such exercises are necessary if you have lots of excess weight to lose.
However, many people tend to regain their weight after a weight loss program because of the wrong diet. Eating animal products and processed foods after exercising will make you regain your weight. A 4to 1 carb to protein ratio including no fiber and little to no fats within 45 minutes of your workout will help your body recover quickly. When done properly, a plant-based diet ensures that you do not lose the benefits of physical exercises.

3. Plant based diets improve your workout performance
Why eat a plant based diet before a workout session? Preparing for a workout sessions does not just involve choosing the right gear and a few warm up sessions. It also involves eating the right foods to ensure that you have high energy throughout the workout sessions. Your pre-workout meal determines your performance in terms of burning fat and building muscles.
Depending on your exercise intensity and length, you can formulate an effective pre workout snack that will prepare you for optimal performance. Eating plant-based foods ensures that you do not run out of energy in your workout session. Fruits, especially dates, that are rich in glucose are excellent fruit to eat before a workout session because it goes straight to the liver for immediate energy.

4. Muscular Development
If your fitness goal is to build your muscles, you can achieve your goal without risking your health. The key to building muscles is taking quality proteins in every meal. A lean diet helps you build a lean muscle mass. You can increase you calories intake without taking processed foods and energy boosters in your workout sessions. Plant-based diets provide calories and energy from healthy sources.

5. Better Sleep
One of the benefits of a consistent plant-based diet is the ability to sleep better. With a healthy digestive system, you are likely to sleep better every night. You may have lots of energy during the day but your nights will be peaceful. Getting enough rest every day is as important as regular exercises to your health and fitness journey. Many people focus on exercises and ignore the importance of rest to your body.

If going plant based is something you really want to do, the best way to make the transition is to gradually get rid of processed bad foods and replace them with nutrient dense foods such as greens, fruits, seeds, legumes, etc. Don’t go all commando on the first day. You’ll stress yourself out as well as your body. It needs time to adjust, usually about 6 weeks minimum to fully make the transition without adding stress to your body.

Cize Workout by Shaun T, Presented by Beachbody

Do you want to prep your body for a beach getaway, but you only have a couple of months to get revved up for the summer season? A gym membership sounds nice, yet do you really have the time to juggle it together with your career? Or does a gym membership fee sound kind of prohibitive to your budget, thus making you resort for a cost-effective alternative for your fitness needs? Then turn to the latest endgame fitness experts today called Cize.

The resurgence of home workout programs have made it possible for fitness enthusiasts to get the best of both worlds: getting into fitness at their own time minus the premium of gym memberships. Home workout fitness programs in a form of DVD media have now become a trend, and a lot of them are out in the market right now.

Among the most popular home workout programs available on shelves right now is Beachbody’s Cize Workout by the genius behind the Insanity Workout, Shaun T. It’s one of the latest crazes, promising to deliver results in a span of 60 days. While some might think it’s pretty much the same as other fitness programs showcasing redundant routines, resulting to repetitive underwhelming results. So what does Cize have to offer the rest can’t?

Cize: A 60-Day Fat Shedding Dance Spree Workout

Cize WorkoutThis is a revolutionary fitness exercise program launched by Beachbody and developed by the world-renowned fitness guru, Shaun T. It is among the leading names in the context of weight loss programs of today; it is highly commercialized, thus quickly gaining popularity to fitness experts and enthusiasts. An extremely heavy lineup of routines that are designed to bring positive results in a short span of time is what this 60-day workout promises. Yes, shaping those flabs into some sexy curves can be done in less than two months. But it does come with a caution: it isn’t meant for the weak mind and heart (literally and figuratively).

The Cize workout is fun. Don’t worry if you’ve never taken a dance step in your life, that’s what made this program a hit. It takes you through the moves where in the end, you feel like Jason Derulo. Okay… maybe not that good.

However, it sets the game a couple of notches higher—making it a more intense fat burning workout to do. Also, it promises results in a short span of time in the fun way of hip-hop dancing.

Main Features of the Workout Program

A 24-hour online support

Regain your determined spirit back by consulting a fitness expert online or listen to what others who are undergoing the same training, has to say, any time of the day.

Elite Nutrition Plan

Intense workout would go prove ineffective if not coupled with an effective diet. The diet plan provided in this fitness program is tailor-fitted to fuel the body with energy and at the same time maximize the result of the dance workout regimen.

Max Interval Dance Training

This is the core highlight of Cize workout, where it features a series of stepping-it-up dance routines that should be done for 3 to 4 minutes, then incorporating a 30 second period of rest right after before going over the whole process again. The drill is much like the traditional interval training routine, the level of activity is just far more enjoyable in this regimen because you jive your body to the rhythm of the beat. By completely performing this, a sum of 1,000 calories can already be burned in a single dance session!

Why It Is Better Than The Conventional Fitness Program

One drawback that can be pointed out in most fitness regimens is that they are not friendly workouts for beginners to do. Also, the hardcore nature of the usual routines might put some individuals with fragile health conditions (like those with cardiovascular-related health issues) at risk.

The gravity of the routines and exercises bears a heavy amount of stress. Cize, on the contrary, is a fitness routine for those who are still picking up to be physically fit. For individuals who are skeptical whether they’d engage into this or not, due to some health related issues: there is no need to consult a physician first to assess whether one’s health could endure this new and revolutionary fitness program, because as Shaun T would put it, he’s just letting you do what you always do every day in order together with the power of truly enlivening hip-hop dance music.

On A More Positive Note…

A Fun Beachbody Workout Means Rapid Results

Contrary to what many have thought, weight loss which is fast yet safe and effective is actually possible. The Cize Beachbody is highly proven to deliver the awe-inspiring shape that you desire with the routine and guidance that it provides. It is not the like the usual painstaking feat to carry on; the name itself already implies the level of crazy enjoyment its routine demands. If you want your physical functions to be at their best, following the funky dance workout steps of this program makes the best ground-zero the same way it is your endgame to ultimate fitness.
Cize Beachbody

Fitness As Taught By A Reputable Fitness Expert

Shaun T is also the proprietor of the popular hip-hop abs—a fun and creative way to shake away those flabs to achieve a six-packs abs. Just to give you a bit of a background of what he does: He’s actually a health and fitness specialist and trainer who started out in one of the most popular multinational pharmaceutical companies of today, which we all know as “Wyeth.” He is an affiliate of Beachbody LLC, a multinational company in the US that markets fitness and bodybuilding related materials, such as home exercise DVDs. One of his successfully released workout DVDs under Beachbody’s label is the Insanity Workout.

Control Your Routine, Don’t Let The Routine Control You

One of the greatest perks the Cize Beachbody provides is the convenience to practice Cize in the comfort of your home and time. This is highly beneficial for professionals who find it a challenge to balance work, family, and having a life. You have the liberty to plan your fitness regimen according to your schedule. Aside from that, you’ll save extra dollars into your pockets from monthly gym membership premiums.

The Focus T25 Workout Review: Painful Pleasure Indeed?

So, you have heard about the Focus T25 workout and all its benefits. Well here’s an honest review for you. You’re probably wondering if you should go ahead and try it out? Well, here we are to remove all your doubts, helping you to your first big step!

Focus T25 workout review

Most fitness workouts usually take up long hours of an individual’s busy life, making time the biggest obstacle in their way to perfect fitness. Shaun T, the designer of this program used his real life experiences to come up with such a time-friendly schedule.

focus t25 workout review

Attracting enthusiasts from all spheres of life, this fitness regime promises to do its wonders in 25 minutes and hence the name! “If you focus your intensity for 25 minutes, and you do it for 5 days a week, you WILL get results,” says Shaun T, adding more vigor to the already positive results of the routine.

One of the primary reasons for the popularity of this type of Beachbody program is the extremely comfortable time frame! 25 minutes is way too less for a perfectly toned body in return! Though different then most other workouts, it is instrumental to know that this is a pretty intense routine. The exercises may not be long, but they can keep you perspiring for quite sometime!

What Does The Focus T25 Workout Program Comprise?

The DVD consists of exercises, in the form of two different sets of cycles, as follows:

ALPHA CYCLE, The Foundation (25-minutes workout) –

Cardio: calorie burning through sweat release.

Speed 1.0: quickened fat burning.

Total Body Circuit: strength and resistance building without any weight lifting.

AB Intervals: fat reduction from your midsection.

Lower Focus: burning fat and pacing your metabolism by concentrating on lower-body muscles.

BETA CYCLE, the core (25-minutes workout) –

Core Cardio: accelerated process of fat shredding.

Speed 2.0: speedy exercises directed towards the core.

Rip’t Circuit: a continuous series of cardio, upper body, legs and abs related exercises.

Dynamic Core: a cycle of routines, flexing the body from vertical to horizontal.

Upper Focus: achieving the torso of your dreams.

How Is The Focus T25 Workout Going To Make Use Of Every Moment?

The Focus T25 workout DVD consists of a step-by-step, visual representation of how to successfully achieve a fit body by simply dedicating 25 minutes each day.

· The Quick-Start Guide commences the program by instructing you how to systematically go about following this really challenging routine!

· The following Get It Done Nutrition Guide chalks out a simple diet consisting of five ingredients.

· The last, Alpha-Beta Workout Calendars, help you in drawing out a workout chart

How does the Focus T25 workout actually work out?

The involvement of the entire body in this routine is believed to have enabled people to feel extremely healthy again, or so the users say. However strenuous it might be, the benefits of the program are too many to ignore.

This program was like an answer for all those busy individuals who found devoting hours at the gym nearly impossible. Quite frankly, the 25 minutes that this routine demands can easily be spent working towards something that will make you feel good, overall. Exercises and activities that seemed exhaustive now begin to look like a piece of cake!

Focus T25 Workout Review

Some users felt that the short time span somehow grabbed their primary attention. The rigorous stretch of workouts seemed far more beneficial than the monotonous exercises at a regular gym. Working moms were too extremely impressed with the speedy results they got to experience within a short span of enrolling into the program.

They were happy to be introduced to a fitness program that did not take up much time, but in turn gave them direct benefits. Better sleep, increased self confidence and the obvious feel-good factor are among the many results of welcoming Focus T25 into daily schedule.

Focus T25 Workout Review Speaks Of Four Attractive Gifts That Come Along With This Package

· Stretch Workout: after five days into the difficult schedule, this is a treat!

· 5-Day Fast Track: this gives you a peek into the weight loss with your meal plan.

· 24/7 Online Support: one of the most useful, when you are de-motivated to the extent of quitting the program.

The challenging workout schedules are also a way to test your inner abilities. By no means, is this an easily achievable program! Dedication and focus to the goal and your stability keep you going on till the very end of the routine according to

    Focus T25 workout review


It is remarkable to see the changes in your own body. Feeling heavy to feeling fit is a really wonderful journey the Focus T25 workout helps you cover, by dedicating only 25 minutes to it each day!

And as truly stated by Shaun T himself, there isn’t a more efficient workout around!

Give me your thoughts below and I hope to hear about your experiences. If this Focus T25 workout review was helpful to you, feel free to share it with others.

Focus T25 Workout Review

Your Own Office Exercise Routine

Yea, if you’re looking this up then you’re probably one of those people that have a schedule so tight that you can’t even stop to take a breath. You wake up at 6am. Maybe you drop your child off by 7. You head out to work by 8. Then after work you have to head straight to a parent teacher conference.

Then, naturally, it’s soccer practice for your child. Then you take a breath at the end of the day and say, “Wow, that wasn’t too bad. Tomorrow’s going to be busy!” With so many other important things to do in your day, it can seem virtually impossible to fit any time in for exercise. Exercise requires a little bit of free time and free time is a luxury that you have a very limited amount of.

There is a method of getting in a good exercise routine without ever even having to leave your office. In fact, you can do it right at your desk. This is a short exercise plan that can be done with just your desk and chair. It’s not the kind of thing that will make you a fitness guru but it will help you stay healthy while keeping your muscles toned.

You’re going to want to complete each exercise in this order with a total of 10-20 repetitions for each. After completing it all the way through, you’re going to want to repeat it one or two more times if you have the time.

Chair crunch:
Sit with your back against the back of the chair. Give yourself good posture and keep your feet flat. Slowly lower your upper back towards your knees while keeping your lower back and everything else in place. When you feel your abs tighten you can hold that position for 5 seconds. Then slowly return to the start.

Get out of your chair and stand in front of it. Start to move your body as if you’re going to sit down. Aim to keep your knees in front of your toes and the majority of your weight on your heels. Right before you’re completely sitting in your chair, you want to reverse that motion back into standing.

Calf raise:
Use a table or desk to help you balance during this exercise. Slowly lift your body onto your toes. Stay on your toes for around 5 seconds before slowly lowering yourself down to the starting position.

Desk pushups:
Place your hands along the edge of a desk or table and take a few steps back. Keep your lower body relaxed during this movement. Use your arms to slowly lower your body and specifically your chest towards the desk. When your chest is about a half a foot from the desk you can push yourself back to the starting position.

Seated triceps lift back:
You can get back in your chair for this one. Sit with good posture. Let your arms go down to your sides and get the inside of the hand facing forward. Keep your arms straight out. Make sure you have locked elbows. Lift your arms backwards until you begin to feel the tightening. Stay in that position for 5 seconds and return your arms where they started.

Seated bicep curl:
You can stay seated for this one. Again, focus on good posture. Keep a single arm to the side of you with your palms in the same direction as before but keep the hand closed. Use your other arms to push down as you slowly lift it towards your upper body. As it reaches the top begin to lower it again. Make sure to continue pressing down with your other hand. Complete all the reps for each individual arm.

office exercise routine
Yoga in the office anyone?

After completing all the repetitions of each exercise you’re going to want to repeat that process two or three more times. After those you’re going to want to stand up and stretch towards your toes as far as you can reach. Hold that for 10 seconds. Make sure not to strain or bounce. Then lift yourself back up. Then reach with your arms sideways as if you’re trying to stretch them. Hold the farthest position you can reach before putting them back. The last stretch you’re going to want to do is to reach into the sky and hold that position for its own 10 seconds. Then you’re all done with the workout.

You can do a simple and powerful exercise routine like this right from your own office to keep your muscles toned and healthy even if your schedule doesn’t seem to permit it. You can even fit it in during your lunch break while still having some time to fit in a healthy meal.

Have fun with your exercise.

Author: Tsvetan Petrov, owner and contributor of Get Holistic Health blog.

Hidden Connection Between Vaccines and Autism?

Vaccines and autism has been closely linked as per findings from the past vaccination incidents that caused ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder. Vaccines are a form of weakened or killed microbe from common childhood diseases like mumps, measles, rubella, diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus.

Once the microbe is introduced, the immune system will react and destroy it because it is considered as a foreign body. Since it is weakened, it can easily be destroyed without causing a full blown infection and the immune system will recognize it and have a recorded memory of it therefore remembering it when microbes attack again.

Vaccines and Autism – Digging Deeper

Children usually get up to 24 vaccines by the time they reach 2 years old and booster shots are administered as they age to be sure that they are protected from known diseases. It should be taken into consideration that these vaccines contain mercury that may cause harm to the young body.

vaccines and autism

Mercury has been once thought to cure diseases; it has been used in ancient China as it is believed to give eternal life. It was also used in ancient Greece and ancient Egypt as it is thought to cure a wide array of diseases. However, it proved to be of no claim as when it was taken, many cases of liver failure and brain deaths resulted.

This can be one of the reasons why some children develop autism later on though there is no scientific evidence that supports this claim yet.

Autism on the other hand is a condition wherein it is characterized by repetitive behaviour and impaired communication. It is described as if the child is having his or her own world wherein he interacts with inanimate objects and believes that it is real.

Social interaction is impaired and the child often prefers to be alone. The cause of autism is still left behind doors but according to studies the altered nerve cells and synapses affect the processing of information in the brain therefore leading to autism.

[quote style=”boxed”]Symptoms of Autism include:

  • Demonstrates resistance with change
  • Stereotypy or the repetitive movement like head rolling, hand flopping and body rocking
  • Follows certain pattern of daily activities
  • Involved in self injury such as skin picking, head banging, eye pocking and hand biting
  • Other symptoms include poor muscle tone and toe walking.

These symptoms only show after the 18 months or most after the age of 2. This has been a reason that the cause of the autism is pointed to the vaccine since vaccines are administered during the first two years of life.[/quote]

The Relationship Between Vaccines and Autism

A lot of court trials have been made for the claims of parents that their children developed autism after routine vaccination was made. The vaccine industry has been protected for quite a while by VICP or Vaccine Injury Compensation Program but recently they have acknowledged that vaccines can really cause autism. Millions of dollars were released by pharmaceutical companies for the specialized care that the affected children needs all throughout their life.

The children affected with autism were healthy before receiving vaccines. Close relatives and family members testify that they are perfectly healthy but after the vaccines, they had a serious brain encephalopathy and later on have shown signs of autism.

Neuroimmunological mediated dysfunction resulted that arose in the form of asthma and ASD. This has been admitted by the VICP but other details with regards about the case have been kept secret from the people.

The Evidence that Links Vaccines and Autism

Vaccines that contain Thimerosal which is a mercury based preservative has been exposed to cause autism. It has been reported that a young girl developed autism symptoms which includes loss of language skills, eye contact and no response to verbal direction.

Claims also came out that seizure and ADEM or Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis has developed after a young boy received MMR vaccine. These cases were awarded compensation but the court would not admit that the cause was the vaccine that was administered to the children.

The federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) has admitted that vaccines cause autism.

These evidences cannot deny the fact that autism can be caused by the vaccines that are administered to these children. At a young age they are really susceptible to disease and their organs are not fully developed yet which puts them into a higher risk. Vaccines and autism has been closely linked as shown by evidence but whether to get your child vaccinated or not it’s still up to you to weigh the pros and cons.

What are your thoughts on Vaccines and Autism? Do you believe their linked?

Beachbody Coach
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Free Les Mills Combat Giveaway

So, today I’ve decided that I really need to start engaging with people who really are looking to step up their game. I’m talking about really wawnting to get started on a fitness program and stay engaged with a support group to help them from day 1 to the end.

I was thinking hard this morning and I came up with the idea that I had an extra Les Mills Combat workout program by Beachbody. This is the newest program out today by Beachbody and it has raving reviews.

Great workout mixed with the most awesome music soundtrack of any in home program today, this one will really get you shedding some weight fast.

This is also great for those who don’t necessarily want to step in right off the bat with Insanity.

So, here’s the deal. You can’t be an existing Beachbody coach or Customer.

[quote style=”boxed”]To qualify and win my Les Mills Combat giveaway, you must:

1. Register as a free customer with Beachbody here

2. Request to join my Facebook support group here

3. Post your fitness and health goals for the next 3 weeks.[/quote]

On February 10th, I will choose the most engaging member in the group and they will win the LMC giveaway.

Good Luck!

Lose Your Insanity Elite Nutrition Plan?

If you’ve misplaced you nutrition guide, I’ll help you get back on track with the Insanity Elite Nutrition Plan.

First of all, it comes with the program. But over time, sometimes people tend to lose things or things happen in life where they misplace parts of the Insanity package.

In this post, I will help you with what to eat during your 60 days with Insanity. I recently had a reader request to help her with what to eat with Insanity because she moved and her nutrition guide got lost in the process.

With the many requests over time, I thought the best way to help would be to write about it.

I Can: Give you an overview of what to eat

I Can’t: Give you the download for copyright purposes. I hope you understand.

The Elite Insanity Nutrition Plan

With Insanity, you are recommended:

1. To eat 5 meals a day

  • Breakfast
  • Mid Morning Snack
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Snack
  • Dinner

With all Beachbody fitness programs, they always say to never eat sooner than 1 hour before your workout because your body will be in digestion mode. Because of this, you won’t have the energy for the workout.

2. You must Eat every few hours as this keeps your metabolism burning

3. Every week, check you recommended daily calories as this will change as your body changes.

4.  Drink 8-10 cups of water a day to help reduce hunger pangs. For me, I drink double this becasue my body demands it. 8-10 cups is absolute minimum.

With Insanity, it’s normal to increase your calories just to maintain as you may experience quick fat loss in a specific time during your 60 days.

Each of Insanity’s 5 Meals per day in the Nutrition Guide comes with 10 options you can choose from. They recommend you choose one meal of the 10 for each meal. But first, you must calculate your daily calorie needs.

To do this, simply use this equation:

  • Step 1

For Women…655 + (4.35 weight in lbs) + 4.7 x height in inches) – (4.7 x age in years)

For Men…66 + (6.23 x weight in lbs) + (12.7 x height in inches) – (6.8 x age in years)

  • Step 2

Take this number and multiply it by your appropriate level of exercise below. Because this is for the intense Insanity Workout, your level should be at least moderately-very active.

Exercise Factor Category Explanation
1.2  Sedentary  Little or No exercise
1.375  Lightly Active  Light Exercise (1-3 days/wk)
1.55  Moderately Active  Moderate Exercise (3-5 days/wk)
1.7  Very Active  Hard Exercise (6-7 days/wk)
1.9  Extremely Active  Hard Daily Exercise + a Physical Job

This number is what you need for weight maintenance. Because people have different goals, they should be adjusted accordingly like this…

  • Step 3

Adjust as your body changes and keep the following in mind…

For Weight gain: add 250 – 300 calories per day from you number in step 2
For Weight loss: subtract 500 calories per day from your number in step 2
To maintain: Leave Step 2 number as is.

Recommended Meals In the Insanity Elite Nutrition Plan

Once again for copyright reasons, I can’t give out the full recipes and details. What I could do is give you a clear and brief example of what they have in the booklet.

Meal 1, or breakfast:

I usually drink a shakeology. If I ever eat breakfast whole foods instead of a shakeology first thing in the morning,
it is usually things like:

Cottage Cheese (1% milk fat)
Whole Wheat Bagels
Egg Whites
Reduced fat cheese
Whole Grain Cereal like Kashi GoLean
All Natural Peanut Butter
Strawberry Preserve

For Meal 2 or Mid Morning Snack, I’ll drink my shakeology or:

Non Fat Plain Yogurt
1% cottage Cheese
Protein Shake
Turkey Breast Sandwich on whole grain bread
Fruits like Bananas, melon, berries
Turkey Bacon

Meal 3, you can have such things as:

Mixed dark greens
Chicken Breast
Tuna Steak
Lean Roast Beef
Extra Lean Ground Beef
Green Beans
Whole grain Tortillas

You can make sandwiches and soups that are amazingly tasty with things like black beans, turkey breasts, avocado,ect.

Meal 4:

Brown rice
Water Packed Tuna
Cottage Cheese
Whole grain Bread
Whole grain Crackers
Turkey Lettucve Wraps
Turkey Chili
Shrimp Cocktail
Lean roast Beef Wraps with avocado

Meal 5:

Olive Oil
Whole Wheat Bread
Flank Steak
Filet Mignon
Baked Potato
Brown rice
Lean Turkey Burger
Snow Peas

Remember that you can have as much spices like pepper, paprika, garlic as you want. However, sugars like juices, sodas and such are not recommended.

If you must drink alcohol, then remember that it has 7 calories per gram with no nutrient value. It will also effect performance and slow your process of muscle growth.

There are time when you need to add in foods to reach your recommended calrories for a specific meal. One way I do it is to eat a banana. There are what is called food blocks, or individual items to help meet your calorie needs.

These are foods such as:
Cottage cheese
Raw Almonds
Navel Orange
Non fat vanilla yogurt
water packed tuna

In the second month of Insanity, your body will be needing more food to have the energy to finish strong. Remember that if you are reducing your calories to lose weight as mentioned above, you may also be cutting some of your nutrient value with it.

A way to make sure you supply your body with the necessary vitamins and nutrients is to take a multi-vitamin or shakeology.

The Insanity Elite Nutrition Plan also includes Michi’s Ladder which tells you the right proteins, carbs, and fats to eat in tier levels. You can also get this through the Beachbody Club as it’s too much info to include here.

So here it is, some helpful tips on what to eat with the Insanity Elite nutrition plan. I hope you really take it in and get the results you are working for.

Beachbody Coach
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