Latest Chocolate Shakeology Superfood Formula Review

The latest change in the shakeology formula requires another shakeology review in my book. The new superfood formula came out this month, and anytime their is change, you know there will be both positive and negative feedback.

With the original chocolate flavor that I previously got each month for me and my wife, we liked nothing better than to wake up and have an early morning shake that just kick started our day. We had our recipes engraved in stone and that’s what excited us to wake up every morning. Knowing that I was going to have my Reese’s peanut butter shakeology, and get that energy boost to start my day was what popped me out of bed.

Well, we got our new shipment in this month and the label on the front said, “New Superfood Formula”. The moment we opened the bag, we knew something was different. Both the smell and the color was off. So like anybody would do, I mixed up the same original ingredients such as all natural PB, coconut oil, and water into the blender. I put the same amount of ice and added the shakeology powder and I was dissappointed. It didn’t taste the same or as good.

So I went online to figure out what has changed for this flavor, and what I found out was amazing. Before I go about telling you the difference, you must know that I was in total shock. I felt like the best part of my nutrition plan was taken away from me.

It’s the way we as humans are when “change” hits our daily routine isn’t it. But what do we have to do? Find a way to adapt to the change and make it work cause no matter what we do, change is the only thing that remains constant in life. Isn’t change what brought us all these fancy gadgets we have today?

Upgraded Health Benefits – New Shakeology Formula Review

After reading up on every shakeology review I could find through the company website, here is what I found out about the upgraded health benefits:

Less Fructose – Even though that fructose in shakeology is a natural substance, it’s still sugar. Don’t confuse this with “High Fructose Corn Syrup”. It’s not the same thing! Too much fructose entering the liver can make the human body hard to process it as sugar. So fat is developed and sends them to the bloodstream as triglycerides.

The reduced fructose has been replaced with sweet “superfoods” such as Coconut Flower Nectar and Luo Han Guo. What will this result in? Appetite-regulating hormones are more likely to be triggered, therefore feeling satisfied versus selling yourself short on the appetite satisfaction signaling system.

More Fiber – Increasing the fiber from 3g to 6g per serving by putting in the flavor-neutral vegan source, pea protein. Fiber is good for digestion and helps with your cholesterol. In addition, adding more fiber to the formula will help you feel full longer and reduce your food cravings even more than before.

4 New Superfoods – New Shakeology Formula Review

1. Moringa – Also known in America as benzolive tree, and West Indian Ben. There are many benefits including boosting your immune system, improving athletic performance, promote energy, weight loss, and vitality with it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Moringa is highlyknown for it’s vitamin C &A, protein, iron, calcium, and potassium. It contains four times more Vitamin A or beta-carotene than carrots. Moringa is commonly found in Africa, Cambodia, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Central and South America, and Sri Lanka.


shakeology review

Moringa - Shakeology Review


2. Coconut Flower Nectar– Natural source of B vitamins and contains 17 amino acids. It’s also high in potassium, magnesium, zinc, and iron. This component helps add more quality sweetness after reducing the previous fructose element

shakeology review

Coconut Flower and Luo Han Guo blend


3. Luo Han Guo – an antioxidant that has been used as a remedy in traditional Chinese medicine for over a millenium. This ingredient in said to have helped with high temperatures, heat stroke fever, and congestion of the lungs, according to it’s first recordings in America in 1938.

4. Himalayan Salt – Healthy salt containing about 70 trace minerals. Human body needs salt and can’t live without it. However, you need to stay away from table conventional salt. Himalayan salt keeps your body’s blood sugar, water, and PH levels in check, as well as promotes respiratory and vascular health.

shakeology review

Himalayan Salt in Shakeology

Other recent improvements is that they have taken out both suma root & blue-green algae. One reason is so that pro athletes can now take shakeology without the fear of failing illegal substance policy tests. Not that the Suma Root was illegal, but today’s tests for illegal substances in pro sports aren’t advanced enough yet to tell the difference between this natural Brazilian ingredient and harmful steroids.

Grass juice powders. These grasses are first pressed into juices allowing the nutrients to concentrate more, and then dried to a powder for use in shakeology for a better use of probiotics. Probiotics help prevent infections in the digestive tract and can kill bacteria that usually causes sickness.

My Final Thoughts On the New Formula – Shakeology Review

After reading up on why they actually changed the formula that I loved previously already, I learned that it is for the better. Reducing the amount of fructose is key. Although it was natural, too much sugar no matter what type it is links to type 2 diabetes and other health problems. So it is clear to me that Beachbody wanted to improve on that aspect of the product.

Adding some of the best superfood ingredients today like Moringa, or “Malunggay” as it is known in my country of the Philippines, is absolutely amazing. You can read more about Moringa superfood here.

So what about the new shakeology chocolate formula taste? I know that this is what you’ve probably been waiting for. After recognizing the improved benefits, I knew there had to be a way that I could be drawn to all it’s added new benefits. So I mixed up a few modifications for a new recipe and found one that I like.

I now mix my new chocolate superfood formula with:

  • 4oz of dark chocolate almond milk
  • 5 oz of water
  • 2 tbsp all natural Peanut butter
  • 2 tbsp Extra virgin coconut oil
  • with 5-7 pieces of ice

The added dark chocolate almond milk instead of previously adding “all” water really made a world of difference.

Tip from my wife:
Blend all the ingredients “MINUS” the shakeology powder to a smooth liquid, then add shakeology briefly to the blend just to mix it all together.

For more recipes, visit my recipe board on Pinterest (Opens in new window).

This will eliminate any thickness or over frothing and create a perfect blend if you don’t want your shakes too thick.

I must say that this recipe has got to be better than the previous original. Which makes this new superfood formula a win for me. If you are new to the shake, you won’t have a problem. Many of the negative comments about the new formula was from people who had to convert from the old formula, which was spectacular too, but not superior to the new and improved shakeology formula today.

However, Beachbody always listens to it’s coaches and customers feedback and have put together a censory panel. This was done to help improve anything that needs to be better for the customers and coaches who are committed to their health. Due to this, you can bet that anything in the future that can improve the formula will be done to always make sure that you have access to the best ingredients in one shake possible.

See the New Chocolate Superfood Formula nutrition label. My suggestion is that you compare it “full label to full label” with other brands if you are in the market for a meal replacement and tell me what you think below in the comment section. Although most meal replacements don’t disclose 100% of it’s contents, Beachbody makes sure that you know everything you are putting into your body by including 100% of it’s contents onto  the label.

Change is good, but not always welcomed at first. As you get to know the benefits of the new shakeology superfood formula and find a recipe that you like, it’s all sunshine and smiles from there, and in my experience, you won’t want to look back even though i wanted to at first. I hope this shakeology review was helpful to you in knowing the new shakeology superfood formula and it’s benefits.

Shakeology review

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  • Paul,
    I noticed that the new label does not include the vitmin isolates. This would be a plus if it were true. Isolates aren’t good in the long run. Isolates are much less effective when taken out of the food. Why are the vitamin isolates (which were on the old label) not included on the new label?

    • Tony Banawa


      Hi Steve, that’s a great question. Your comment prompted me to do further research and get answers. Here is what I found. Thanks again, Steve.

  • Nicole


    I see this fix frequently – mix with dark chocolate almond milk. But doesn’t that defeat the purpose of reducing sugar? Dark chocolate almond milk is full of sugar.

    • Tony Banawa


      Hi Nicole, many people drink shakeology for different reasons. You are right in your point that dark chocolate almond milk has about 22 grams of sugar, and no matter if a product is all natural or not, sugar is still sugar, and lots of it will work against you in weight loss if you aren’t exercising daily and at the same time, drinking too much of it. It is good to alternate your shakes with water as I do. Sometimes doing half water half AM. Then again, I perform intense exercise daily, so I burn a lot of calories and my metabolism is good. For someone who relies strictly on nutrition to lose weight and no exercise should be more cautious. Thanks Nicole for your feedback.

  • Paul


    Yes, pro athletes can now, but celiacs (gluten alergies) cannot because the new Super Food formula is not certified gluten free. I sell to a lot more celiacs than pro athletes so this has been a hit for me…Carl D just should have left chocolate alone…

    • Tony Banawa


      Hey Paul, I agree with you. More people that need gluten free products out number pro athletes who use shakeology. With all the improvements and change comes some speed bumps. Let’s hope they can get this gluten free certified shortly like the previous. That would be great for many people who need the benefits of shakeology. Have a great day Paul!

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