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  1. Steve Kraft

    I noticed that the new label does not include the vitmin isolates. This would be a plus if it were true. Isolates aren’t good in the long run. Isolates are much less effective when taken out of the food. Why are the vitamin isolates (which were on the old label) not included on the new label?

    • Tony Banawa

      Hi Steve, that’s a great question. Your comment prompted me to do further research and get answers. Here is what I found. Thanks again, Steve.

  2. Nicole

    I see this fix frequently – mix with dark chocolate almond milk. But doesn’t that defeat the purpose of reducing sugar? Dark chocolate almond milk is full of sugar.

    • Tony Banawa

      Hi Nicole, many people drink shakeology for different reasons. You are right in your point that dark chocolate almond milk has about 22 grams of sugar, and no matter if a product is all natural or not, sugar is still sugar, and lots of it will work against you in weight loss if you aren’t exercising daily and at the same time, drinking too much of it. It is good to alternate your shakes with water as I do. Sometimes doing half water half AM. Then again, I perform intense exercise daily, so I burn a lot of calories and my metabolism is good. For someone who relies strictly on nutrition to lose weight and no exercise should be more cautious. Thanks Nicole for your feedback.

  3. Paul

    Yes, pro athletes can now, but celiacs (gluten alergies) cannot because the new Super Food formula is not certified gluten free. I sell to a lot more celiacs than pro athletes so this has been a hit for me…Carl D just should have left chocolate alone…

    • Tony Banawa

      Hey Paul, I agree with you. More people that need gluten free products out number pro athletes who use shakeology. With all the improvements and change comes some speed bumps. Let’s hope they can get this gluten free certified shortly like the previous. That would be great for many people who need the benefits of shakeology. Have a great day Paul!

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