Hi there, my name is Tony.

I am a husband, father of 3 boys, a christian warrior, and born with the infinite passion to succeed in life. After graduating high school in 1994, I made the decision to go out and venture life out on my own terms. I lived young and learned a lot of things the hard way, and I realized many years later that my parents magically knew more than I thought they did when I was 18. My mom always reminded me to take care of my body because it’s the only thing that follows you around 100% of the time.

Without Your Body You Have No Life.

I am a seafood fanatic and can sit at a table for hours eating crab and crawfish if I really wanted to. Which leads me to the beginning of my health journey...

In February 2011, I was sitting at 186 lbs of unhealthy weight and wasn't doing anything about it. I was taking my family out to eat about 5 times per week just because I was too lazy to cook, and I realized that I was teaching my kids to be lazy and not care about living a healthy lifestyle. I was teaching them not to care about what they feed their bodies daily.

I wanted my family to be healthy and happier and the only way that was going to happen was to lead by example. Kids can only listen to you for so long; soon, they will only do what you "DO" not what you say.

It took me 9 months to finally get up and realize that I was heading down a dead end road and needed to do something about it. I got so sick and tired of being sick and tired that I said "enough was enough!"

I Had To Get Fit To Live

So this is me today. I took the first step, and promised myself 100% focus and commitment - it's the only way!
I live a much healthier lifestyle and I am much happier daily. Not only that, but my kids know how to choose the right foods without me having to voice my direction upon them. They follow my lead and they choose to be active in sports, and workout with me daily. They saw the unhealthy me, and now they love the healthy me.
The road I was taking before February 2011 was the road many take: The blind road until they hear the news from the doctor. Why not do something about it now, educate yourself, condition your mind to change a few things around you, to live longer and happier for your loved ones.
This is what Getting Fit To Live is all about.

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