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Insanity Results
My Little Brother’s Insanity results after a couple rounds – Insanity Workout Nutrition Is Key

Wondering if Insanity workout nutrition is really required for you to get the best results? For sure, some people will tell you to just take it off from your list of Insanity essentials but hold your horses, my friend, because as far as maximum benefits are concerned, the Insanity workout nutrition plan can be your own key in creating the next and even the best Insanity success story the world has ever known. But how important it is really to get ripped by combining the effects of an extreme Insanity workout plan with an Insanity workout nutrition guide? In my opinion, very important!

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Any fitness guru can probably attest to the fact that there’s no magic formula in getting ripped or achieving one’s ideal body figure. With this in mind, any person should always aim for a holistic approach when finding the best workout program out there. That idea propelled me to give Insanity a chance last year and believe it or not, I got more than what I asked for.

Using a combination of intense interval workouts and an information-rich nutrition guide compiled by experts on this field, Insanity is really the one to beat. It was when I started to include Insanity workouts into my P90X cardio days in conjunction with the recommended nutrition outline that I began to see significant results.

Buy shakeology
Shakeology made a world of difference in my health during my transformation

As a result, I want more people to get the same or better life-changing moments, which is why I’m sharing my own personal experiences of my transformation with you. My only hope is that certain people will benefit from my experiences and decide to take their first step in a better, healthier, stronger, and longer life.

Insanity workout nutrition is an important part of the program and may I repeat, can be your own key in creating an inspiring Insanity success story like what I have now, one year after I bravely took some risk. I want to spread a message of inspiration so I have listed down an overview of what Insanity workout nutrition is all about.

Insanity Workout Nutrition | What’s inside the book?

Insanity-workout-nutritionIn case you don’t know, Insanity workout nutrition guide or also known as the Elite Nutrition Plan is a book that comes in every package once you purchase the Insanity workout program. When I first got hold of the Insanity workout nutrition guide, I was immediately amazed by the simplicity of how the facts and several recipe suggestions are being presented in this guide. Of course, not everyone has a competent knowledge of the basic nutritional terminologies being used by experts but thanks to Insanity workout nutrition guide, people from all walks of life now have an access to a wide array of information ranging from simple definitions of carbohydrates, fats and protein to troubleshooting tips which you can apply the moment you encounter a nutritional dilemma in the middle of the program.


The Insanity workout nutrition plan is divided into two parts: Month 1 and Month 2 with 30 days each (the reason why Insanity is also known as the 60-day fitness challenge). Based on this book, a participant should ideally eat 5 separate meals per day, about 3 hours apart and each meal containing equal calorie proportions. However, the amount of calories you’ll receive will highly depend on your individual caloric needs which can be determined using a special calorie calculator. Month 1 requires lower amount of calories but as the program progresses to Month 2, additional calories can now be added using “food blocks” which contain between 100 to 300 calories.

Insanity Workout Nutrition | What are the recipes to keep you moving?

When I started using Insanity, I really thought that the Elite nutrition plan had made the whole process of food preparation and cooking quite easier to perform. In fact, each of the 5 meals required per day has a total of 10 recipe suggestions listed within the Insanity workout nutrition guide. They are quite easy to do and you can even modify them to suit individual calorie needs and preference.

From scrumptious recipes ranging from berry protein smoothie, veggie omelette, chicken stir-fry to black bean soup and special Insanity sandwich, one can find a gastronomic relief right after an exhausting Insanity workout by using this valuable book intended to make the whole Insanity experience more satisfying and fulfilling at the same time.

Insanity Workout Nutrition | Is it really needed?

100% Nutrition – 100% Exercise – 100% Mentality

You won’t just ride the Insanity bandwagon without first knowing the components that have made all these Insanity success stories possible. For instance, the Insanity workout nutrition guide was not formulated just to add up to the total fee but to further improve one’s chances of success in this intense program.

Remember, the experts have already done the scientific research on what your body needs as it goes through this high intensity workout. Your body will be demanding carbs for energy and specific proteins, calories, and portions. If you don’t eat enough, you won’t have the energy to perform, if you eat too much, you may not get that lean shredded body you are aiming for.

They say one’s transformation success can be attributed to 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. I believe that it should be 100% nutrition and 100% exercise. So before you can even neglect the value of Insanity workout nutrition plan, you better think twice because you might be missing that once-in-a-lifetime chance to change your life.


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Insanity Nutrition Review

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118 thoughts on “Insanity Workout Nutrition | Healthy Eating at its Best”

  1. Hey Tony,

    If I am doing Insanity within the first hour of waking, I need a quick snack before heading down and hitting play. What do you suggest? And then, since breakfast will follow my workout, how do I work that in. Is a Recovery drink what I need, or can I just eat breakfast? The protein-carb ratio is different in a meal compared to a recovery drink… so I am not sure.

    Thank you!

    1. I would suggest a banana. Breakfast at that point should be a 4 to 1 ration carb to protein meal. I would recommend a recovery shake cause it work for me then eat a healthy breakfast 90 minutes to 2 hours later.

  2. Hi, I have been on the insanity for 2 weeks now. I was thinking of introducing supplements. I was wondering what are the basic ones needed to help in weight loss without breaking the bank? It can be very confusing because everyone is trying to push their product down your throat but would like to know the simple things that will work great!

    1. I would recommend getting something that can curb your appetite. Beachbody products are not cheap but they are well worth it if you can afford it. If you can’t, i would Google search for reviews for the best meal replacements that curb your appetite.

  3. Hi Tony!

    How r ya ? Im Henny, Im a beginner of Insanity.. just recently started doing insanity and today would be my first week, day 5.

    Briefly about myself : Im very petite, only 146CM and weight is 43 Kg. I wanna lose few more kilos.. target would be 39 /40 kilos and just wanna have a tone body. Hating my tummy at the moment because it aint flat at all.

    so yeah Silly me, i just noticed the nutrition guide on insanity and i haven’t exactly any of that and its already my day 5 doing the workout. My question is, should i start over again ? or just continue day 6 and having proper meal, proper calories as it recommended on nutrition guide ? Thanks in advance tonny for your help!


    1. Hi Henny, sorry for the late reply…I’m sure you already made your choice. Hoping that you are getting the results you desire:-) I hope to hear about your results here.

  4. Hi Tony. I am a 5’4 145lb 16 year old who is interested in Insanity. I’m okay with the nutrition guide but I can’t afford the p90x recovery formula Or shakelogy.. Is there any other protein shake I could replace it like muscle milk?

    1. My wife still likes Muscle Milk to change it up and uses it often. Not the same thing as Shakeology but it works if that is what your budget allows.

  5. Hey Tony, I have just finished round 1 of insanity with only 3 lbs weight loss! before starting the program I weight trained 5-6 days per week and still had a flabby stomach…and even after round 1, the flab is still there!!! so ive decided to start month 1 over again and today was day 2 of program,any suggestions on how to get rid of stubborn nasty belly fat? thanks

    1. Make sure your eating plan is spot on and you may need to adjust your carb/protein ratios. It’s a journey of learning how your body responds.

  6. I’m currently 5’3 weighing 125 and want to lose 15 pounds to where i used to be. I just started the insanity workouts last week and just want to know if i will be able to lose this amount of weight. I love this program because i feel stronger but i’d like to lose the weight too! Is this possible?

    1. Sometimes people think that weight loss is what their looking for but when they eventually put on some lean muscle and tone everything up, they are amazed. I dont think the scale is as much important as the look you are targeting and the health inside. Sometimes you put on muscle which will put on some weight and then as you lose fat as well the scale will not show so much weight loss because of the muscle also gained. Insanity is a muscle defining and cardio program that will not only help you lose weight, but put on lean muscle as well.

  7. Tony,
    I’m ready to jump on the Insanity train, however I have some questions about the nutition plan and how it works with my schedule.

    I get the feeling the Insanity Nutrition plan is for some one that works 9-5 and works out after work. Is this an accurate assumption?

    My schedule can vary, but for the most part I work Tues – Sat, 3pm – 11pm with one little 15 minute break. I try to get to bed by 1am but sometimes its tough to wind down after a shift and I hit the sack at 2am.

    As you can see my schedule is more evening oriented. Will you please offer some advice on how to get the best results with the schedule I have? Should I move teh work out schedule where I treat my Tues like a monday?

    My plan is to get up at 9am and knock out my insanity. I considered working out after my shift, but I’m on my feet the whole time and all I want to do is sit and chill when I get home. So, should I just wake up and get on it before eating, or should I eat Meal 1 first, wait an hour or so then do my workout, then hit Meal 2 right after?

    I should have no problem getting meal 3 down before I head to work. Meal 4 is a litte tricky because of the short break and cuz I don’t have anyway to heat food. A little cooler is all I have to work with so I thought a protein shake, or some fruit and cottege cheese would work for a snack. thoughts?

    My concern comes with Meal 5. After I get home from work, I’m really hungry. Should I eat at midnight if I’m going to bed an hour or two later? Or should I cut the calories? What are your thoughts on managing Meal 5 so late at night?

    Any assistance you can provide to maximize the nutition plan and the workouts would be much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance,
    Daniel D.

    1. Hi Daniel, I hope that you’re Insanity journey is going awesome! In my honest opinion, the nutrition plan is there for guidance and depending on your work schedule, you will need to make it your own with simply following the whole picture of what the plan requires. No busy person is going to be able to do it exactly, but you can make certain commitments that will allow you to get the daily nutrition as it suggests. Do the best you can do, make sure you don’t get lazy in making things happen if you can. If you plan ahead a day before knowing your schedule, it helps tremendously…Good Luck my friend!

  8. hi Tony, nice ripped body! i’m at the end of week 3, i’m eating 2600 kcal a day, but i don’t use the shakes or anything , cause i can’t effort it, any advice of replacement for it? or is it rlly that important? 2nd question, i allways struggle at power and resistance workout, yesterday it was awfull, i didn’t had enough energy and it was hard to do any excercise, any pointers about that?

    1. Thanks Kevin! Most important thing for me about using the Shakeology shakes is that it curbs my hunger and I don’t crave sweets. Wihtout it, forget about it…I’ll tear up some Reeses Pieces! If you can’t afford it, then don’t get down on yourself, there are always options you can go to your local nutrition store and ask their opinions based on your needs. As far as struggling with P&R, as long as you do the best you can, you are improving. Never compare yourself to anybody else but yourself. Good luck Buddy

  9. I am 15 years old girl and I just finished insanity and I am really frustrated! I did the workout as hard as I could and I can say that I had pretty good pace. I am 5’4 and I am 156 pounds. I did the workout but I didn’t lose even one pound. I didn’t follow the diet though! I eat healthy, I do not eat sweets or junk food, I have to eat these kind of foods for years, I don’t even eat a slice of pizza, but still insanity did not work for me. I guess that the problem was that I was eating 2 times a day. Do you think that if I try it again with the diet I will lose weight? I have only improved my muscles but not my weight. Thank you.

    1. It’s def your eating habits. Eating two times a day only will not give your body the proper amounts in the proper time frames needed to repair and fuel what you lose and gain with Insanity. I would do it and commit to eating 5 to 6 times of moderate sized meals a day. thanks and this time, you will see results:-)

  10. hey tony i just wanted to ask u that , i calculated my daily calorie needs and it shows that i need 3000 calories and doing very active… but i cant eat that much, what should i do then ? does this effect on my work?

    1. If you count everything, you’ll find it easier than you think. Remember everything counts. The scoop of PB, the added coconut oil, the dressing, the wheat germ, ect. You might be eating more calories than you think. If you don’t eat enough or you eat too much it could effect your energy and muscle growth, yes. Find out what works and stick with it. Thanks, NJ

  11. Hello,

    I’ve been doing Insanity for a week now and somehow I feel lighter. I’m 22 and my weight is 62 kilos at 1.66, perhaps I’m not fat, but I do hate my thighs. I’ve been eating healthy, 4-5 meals per day including snacks (healthy one of course), BUT today (Sunday) I made something stupid. I started the day with cereal oatmeal yogurt at 9:00, at 11 I had my snack – fruit salad with kiwi and one little banana. At lunch I ate brown rice and now the problem…I was craaaaving for a chocolate nut wafer and so I ate it and now I feel guilty and afraid that this will affect/ruin my diet. I’m trying to drop at 55 kilos and as well keeping/building my muscles that I already have. Later on I will have my snack before the workout – 1 glass of milk and some fruit and after the workout something light as well keeping the rest of the day light. You think this will affect me? Of course that starting from tomorrow I will keep my healthy diet as I did by now, excepting the mistake I did today.

    1. No one is perfect Denise…Even Shaun T himself eats peanut butter M&M’s when he has a sweet tooth:) Just move on and keep working hard, and never quit. Get back on track and stay focused and don’t get down on yourself about one cheat snack:)

  12. Hi I’m 21, just over 13st and I’m 5ft 10. I still have a bit of fat around the waist, which is becoming so hard to lose. I’m in my 2nd week of Insanity, It’s an amazing workout. But would you be able to give me some pointers? First of all I work night shifts for 12 hour’s, 8pm till 8am. So I don’t know how I’d able to eat properly and what sort of foods would be best to have? Cheers

    1. The best thing I would recommend Leight would be to supplement your nutrition with a meal replacement. Simple, quick and for on the go type of people. I worked grave as well during my transformation and it helped me a lot to use a MR. Freeze your food in portions and prep ahead your food for the week to make it easier to cook quickly and take with you to work. Thanks, Leigh and you can do it!

  13. Hi Tony, I had many of my questions answered just by reading these posts! Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to them. I was amazing and shocked that I may not be getting the results I want due to “not eating enough”. I do have a very strict caloric intake (1200-1400) daily. I’m 5’5″ and 180 lbs. with lots of muscles. I currently wear a size 10-12 and hope to get to a size 6. I eat a peanut butter/nutella (very thin layer) on a slice of whole grain bread an hour before my Insanity workouts, I find it gets me through the workouts.

  14. Hello Tony!

    So I’m planning on taking on Insanity on Monday, and I had some questions in mind before beginning. I’m 17, 117 lbs and 5″2. I’m in good shape but I want to be more toned which is why I decided to go try Insanity, especially that my prom is in two months and I’m absolutely motivated to start.

    Now, I already eat healthily, but in 2-3 meals a day. I eat plenty of fruits & vegetables and steer clear of cold beverages, fast food, and candy.

    I was wondering if I’ll have the energy to do these intense workouts everyday? I read the nutrition plan but the food sounds too complicated/my budget won’t allow for it and I’m wondering if I could use alternatives with the same calorie intakes?

    Another question is that I decided to take my mom with me. She’s about 190 lbs at 5 “1, and never exercised. She’s on a healthy diet but only about 2-3 meals as well. Is it safe for her to start or will she be exhausted?


    1. Hi Lubna, my suggestion would be to take a meal replacement to help you get more meals in to reach your caloric recommendation for the workout. You need to eat 5 meals a day because if you don’t and try to reach all your calories with just 2 or 3 meals, you’ll be over eating portion wise and it will highly effect your metabolic rate and weight loss.

      As for your mother, same with the nutrition, but Insanity isn’t something for someone who has never exercised. It will be too intense and difficult, and she’ll be prone to injury. If she must do it. Make sure she starts real slow and modifies the moves to her level.

  15. My wife and I are starting insanity on Monday. I am concerned about the nutrition part of it. Getting 2/3 of the “meals” in per day is possible but the other 2/3 will be difficult. Other than the shakeology (too expensive for us), what else can we use? Will protein drinks be a good enough filler?

    1. Hey Robert, starting as early as possible will help in getting all the meals in for the day. I used to struggle with that as well but when you find a routine, it gets easier. A meal replacement will definitely help. There are many cheaper ones than Shakeology of course but you will also lack all the nutrients that Shakeology includes. If Shakeology doesn’t fit into your budget, there are many others that are cheaper. You will just have to test and see what fits your likings. Before Shakeology, I used to use EAS which I liked. Hope this helps Robert. You will want a meal replacement, not just a protein shake as it serves all your macronutrients versus just supplementing your protein intake.

  16. I just made the decision to do the insanity workout and i will be starting when it comes next week. Im 5″3′ and i weigh 255lbs. My question is if im trying to loose weight shouldnt i eat less calories?

  17. Tony,

    I am trying to choose a diet plan to use with Insanity. I want to lose a few inches around my waist, but I would also like to increase my size. If I follow the gain mass diet plan will I lose fat? Or should I mix the plans, possibly cut the first month, and then gain the second?


    1. In gaining mass, you have to gain some fat with it. After you have completed your mass building phase, you can do a lean phase by adjusting your nutrition and workouts to the appropriate plan. You can’t complete building mass and leaning out at the same time though.

  18. I’m starting the insanity workout tomorrow. I’m 5’10” 230. I used to do football, so a lot of my weight is muscle already acquired. The nutrition guide’s calculator says I need 3200 calories to do this. That’s 640 per meal, There isn’t anything in the nutrition guide for that level of caloric intake. Do you recommended anything?

    1. I recommend using food blocks to get your rec calories. Don’t forget that your beverage counts as well. They have those in the nutrition guide for your convenience. I look forward to hearing about your results!

        1. Awesome John! Keep on going and you’ll get better. Don’t let “hard” stop you from being your best. You become the best by overcoming things that are hard. Keep in touch, John…

          1. Thanks. I read your article “Do you know what to eat after working out?” I saw that you recommended the p90x results and recovery formula, with it’s protein to carb ratio of 1:4. I do the insanity “Berrie Protein Smoothie” with 2.5 scoops of protein and the 500 calorie version as my recovery formula. I wake up at 5:00am to do my workout so my recovery formula and breakfast are combined.

            Is doing what I’m doing healthy? and conducive to having results with Insanity?

          2. You should be fine. Be careful not to eat a huge amount more calories per meal then you need. By combining your post and breakfast, it should still be counted as one meal and not two meals in one.

  19. I am starting insanity tomorrow and chose my 5 meals from the nutrition guide. I chose 1 meal from each section of 10 recipes. Problem is a I chose a lot of reciepes with bread because i need 500 calories per meal. The book doesnt tell me which recipes to pick just says choose one from each section so i am a little lost and confused trying to figure out which recipes to choose, any suggestions

    1. It’s a matter of your preference. You’ll most likely change your meals during the 60 days often anyways so just pick one and change it up as you feel needed. Don’t feel that you have to be perfect. You will feel your bodies needs and make adjustments as you go.

  20. I am starting insanity tomorrow. I went through and chose 5 recipes. One from each group of ten per meal in the nutrition guide. I need 2500 calories a day so each of my meals contains 500 calories. Nearly all of my meals have bread in them. I dont know if this is a bad thing or not. It doesnt tell me which meals to choose, only gives me 10 choices per meal so i chose. Any suggestions

    1. Chris, choosing one in each section is good and then the rest you could do comparable meals with the same macro nutrient portions. I didn’t follow the recipes exactly either and got great results by just making sure I stayed consistent with the portions and calories.

  21. Hello! Just a quick question, do you think it would be okay to follow a 40/40/20 diet (not strict to the Insanity plan) and still get good results? I’m 5’4, female 145 lbs. I do take some meals from the book, and base a lot of meals around it but not them all.

    Thank you! :)

  22. I am planning to start Insanity on January 21, 2013. I will be 16. I am 4’11’ and weight about 115. I want to lose about 10-12 pounds. I am planning on sticking to the nutrition plan as much as possible, but can I change the recepies as long as it still fills the 40:40:20 rule? Can this alter my results in a negative way?

    1. Hi Samantha, I wouldn’t change the nutritional value of the meals but you don’t have to eat exactly what the 10 meals are. For example, don’t go and put a whole bunch of high calorie sauces and extra cheese. You can sub say, brown rice with Quinoa, or a salmon filet with another fish like tilapia or tuna filet. I wouldn’t sub any carbs with white rice or whole grain bread with white bread. Just as long as you keep it in the same nutritional value and keep the macronutrient parts as close as you can to what it recommends(40:40:20)you should be fine.

  23. Hi tony,wow first of all I d like to say how amazing it is that you actually take the time to reply each and every thank you for that!!! I recently moved house in september of last year and unfortunatley with that I lost my insanity workout dvd month2 aswell as my nutrition guide booklet:(…..and the most frustrating part is that I’m in the second week of month and only because I left the dvd in in my dvd player that’s how I ve still go month 1 thankfully!!pls pls can you maybe give me some advice as to what ican be eating?? As I’m pretty much guessing and trying to eat as healthy as I can.I m 24 yrs old and currently weigh in at 151lbs and I’m 5’3.any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.

  24. I am a 25 yr old male. I was 280 at the beginning of 2012 and now weigh 200 to start 2013. I have some loose skin. Will Insanity help tighten my skin?

    1. Hi Chris, I am not really sure. I know that Insanity will help tighten you up as you lose fat and build muscle. Depending on how much you are talking about, I would recommend to see the appropriate professional in that field to give you the best answer. Great job on your weight loss…those are amazing results my friend:)

  25. Hello my name is Sara & I’m 16, I’ve been doing insanity for awhile & lost 30 pds ! My current weight is 144 and my goal is around 120. I was wondering if you need to eat 5 meals a day on Sunday ? And if you have any other suggestions
    Thanks :)

    1. Hi Sara, congrats on losing 30 lbs! That is awesome! To answer your question, some people believe they can have a cheat day, and some people don’t. I’ll be honest with you. I have done both and still got great results. I would say that if you can eat 5 meals, do it. Your body starts to get in this routine and if it’s going well, why confuse it. At the end of the day, everything you do matters in the end result.

  26. Hey there. I recently borrowed insanity from my mom and have already done two days of the workout. I am 20 years old, female, and 220 pounds. I have gained weight from a couple years ago when I was just 140. I was able to do the fit test and following day, but I did take breaks and wasn’t able to keep up.. I just did it at my own pace. I have a goal to loose 50 or 60 pounds by my 21st birthday in June (my boyfriend and I are going to vegas)… Do you think this is possible with insanity?! Also, I am following the elite nutrition plan exactly like it is!

    1. Hi Lopez, losing 50 to 60 lbs naturally in 5 months is going to take a lot of commitment. There have been people lose over 100-180 lbs but it was a consistent journey. Not saying that you can’t do it but I am not going to promise you that it will happen in 5 months. I can tell you this….you will feel lighter, healthier, and yes, you will lose a lot of weight in 5 months if you stick to the game plan.

      Don’t worry about keeping up with the people in the DVD’s. I can’t even keep up with them. It’s important to take breaks when needed and let your muscles regain oxygen from what it’s lost during the workouts. Keep it up, leave it all on the floor every time. If you do your best, there is nothing else you could do and you will eventually hit your goals.

  27. Hey Tony.
    I was wondering if the elite nutrition plan is good to follow as a guideline even if you are not doing insanity? Kind of as, a guideline for how to eat properly.

    1. Hi Gabi, It is a good plan that you can use but keep in mind that the Beachbody nutrition plans were designed for that specific program in mind. The reason is because it takes you through phases based on the program. You could however, use it for a guideline of the foods to eat, how many calories you need, and such.

      If you’re doing a certain workout routine, it could change the nutrition plan, based on what your goals are. One things for sure, it will be a healthy way to eat regardless.

      1. Thank you so much for responding!
        I just like referring to the nutrition plan because it seems to give the proper ratio of carbs, protein, fat etc. for each meal. I’m not going along with the “phases” just using the meal ideas because they seem to be properly balanced.
        I do other forms of exercise, though they are surely not as often and as intense as insanity.
        My plan is to lose weight so I’m worried that due to the fact that the plan was tailored for people doing insanity, eating that way will make me gain (or not lose) weight somehow. As long as I stay within my calorie limit do you think I will be ok eating like meal ideas provided on the guide? I’m just afraid that maybe it will be too many carbs or too much fat for someone not doing insanity. What do you think?
        Thanks for taking the time to respond! I appreciate it. :)

        1. As long as you are exercising you should be good with following the nutrition plan. Just make sure that you are eating proper portions. For example, the size of your fist is a portion of carb and a portion of protein. You will eventually have to monitor how you feel and look so you can make any adjustments as needed. If you want to do a cardio workout but Insanity is too hard, you should consider looking into Les Mills Combat. Talk soon if you need any further help:)

  28. One more question. When I’m done with the 2 month program, what do I do afterwards? Do I rest for some time or do I start it over and continue?

    1. If you’re someone like my little brother, you’ll just go onto the next round. I like to give it a couple of weeks so I can evaluate my progress, plan for my new goals and get ready again. It’s up to you. Listen to your body too. If you think you need to give it a little break, do it. The worse thing you can do is over train, or get burned out and quit.

  29. Hello, I would like to ask if it’s okay for a 15-year-old teenager to do the ‘Insanity workout’ ? And at what time it’s recommended to do it? Thanks.

    1. Hi Daniel, Sure, it’s okay. I’ve actually trained some 11-13yr olds for youth baseball here in vegas with the Insanity workouts. Just need to make sure they don’t over train and supervise their activity with breaks and working their up to their potential instead of forcing them to do it all. As far as when, I wrote this article on the Best time to workout. Hope this helps.

  30. Hi, I’m starting Insanity for the first time on Monday and I’m just preparing my weekly menu. I searched so many sites for a good review on the nutrition guide which led me to you and I’m so glad I found it. You gave the best review so far and it really helped me understand the importance of following the guide. I’d like to lose about 35lbs (post baby weight…and them some…) so I really hope Insanity is going to help me get there. According to the calculation, I have to eat 1900kcal. I don’t think I have ever eaten that much when I’m ‘dieting’ so I think this might be a struggle. My biggest concern is: When do I fit the work out in if I’m suppose to eat every 3 hours and it’s recommended to eat 2 hours before the work out? I’m a new mom…I can’t wake up at insanely hours to do this…can you recommend a more suitable schedule…? I hope you can help me…

    1. Hi Tiffany, It sounds harder than it actually is. As a matter of fact, I thought the same thing. The best thing to do is start early so you can get all your meals in. Don’t forget that your post workout meal also counts as a meal. Your post workout meal should be consumed about 30 min after your workout. So between your pre & post workout meals, it should be 3 hours or so.

      All the calories do is make you realize that you might have been eating more than you thought. Cause now you will be more alert on everything you are consuming. Everything counts. It won’t be difficult, and you don’t have to be exact. Just make sure you are in the area of what you should be consuming daily. Not eating enough will cause you to store fat and even gain weight. So make it a habit to eat early and as often as every 3 hours.

      Best thing to do is start, and as you get deeper into your program, you will find a routine that works best. It’ll become like clock work. Don’t worry about being perfect, instead, focus on getting better day by day. You’ll work your way into a routine that works best for you. Good luck Tiffany

  31. Hi, I’m 17 and 5’10, but 220 lbs. I’m on my second week of Insanity, and I haven’t really lost any weight or inches, actually I think my thighs have gotten bigger. I’ve been known to bulk up pretty easily, but not to lose the weight so I end up looking bigger, as I already have an athletic, broader build.
    I calculated that I need 2663 calories a day, after subtracting the 500 to lose weight. That means 532 calories per meal. I don’t know if I can eat that much, but on previous comments you said its really important if I want to lose weight. I am worried that I won’t lose the weight with so many calories. I really want to lose this weight as soon as possible, and I am really dedicated to the workouts.
    So I was wondering if you think it would still work with so many calories, and if I just ate 500 calories per meal, if it would still work. Also, how important is it to have the protein shakes?
    Thank you so much.

    1. Hey Sam, it’s easier to add calories to your meal then you may think. For example, I need about 475 cal per meal. My shake itself for one meal for example is 140 calories to start. After I add 2 tbsp of all natural PB and a banana, and 2 tbsp of coconut oil, it immediately jumps up above 475 cal. Don’t forget that you count everything. Even the beverage and sauces that you take with your meal. Calorie fillers add up quickly. For example, honey, wheat germ, oils that you cook with, ect.

      You should be good at 500 calories per meal. Doesn’t have to be exact. I don’t count my calories to be honest but I know approximately what each of my meals contain and I go with that. As far as protein shakes, I take them because it allows me to make sure I get my req’d daily protein especially when I am at work or on the go. I use Almond Milk in my shakes which adds about 100 calories and it doesn’t have the saturated fat that milk has. If you have no problem getting all your protein in daily, then you may not need to take a shake. Hope this helps, Sam.

  32. Hello! I’m a distance runner (1/2 marathons/marathons) and I decided to take a small break in training and take on insanity starting this week. I was hoping to switch up the running every day with it and hoping to see some great results… I’m sure my body is refusing to change due to the same activity everyday. I was just a little paranoid about the fact that my runs last longer than the Insanity dvds and if that would possibly make me gain weight. I’m going to try and incorporate my running insanity but at lower mileage after a few weeks. I’m trying to lose atleast 15 pounds and it wont budge with just running.

    1. HI Kimi, First, I truly admire anyone who can do half marathons. With Insanity, it will definitely help you lose that 15 lbs. Here’s why. Your body has 2 types of muscles. Fast twitch and slow twitch muscles. Running long distance improves and conditions your slow twitch, while Insanity will change it up between both and force your body to constantly be improving. Longer is not always better. Insanity is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) routine, except, Shaun T does it in reverse. Your body will work hard for 3 minutes and then slow down for about a minute till the next interval. If you notice sprinters always have a pretty lean toned body, while long distance runners have the endurance. Sprinters train with short bursts of energy and then let’s their body recover before the next. This allows the body to burn fat quickly. Mixing up Insanity and your running will give you the best of both worlds and shed that weight you need. Hope this helps, Kimi.

  33. I’ve been in insanity and I only have 10 days to go before I finish the whole thing. I saw that I lost a bit of weight but my body doesnt look firm, it looks super flabby especially my tummy. :( I now bought protein shakes, and Im recalculating my calorie intake so that I can maybe firm up. Its just so depressing especially Im getting married in a month and I dont know what to do after I finish insanity without any results. My brother lost more weight in just getting on a diet without any exercise and I do both. Help!

    1. Hi Bride2be, I can understand the frustration. There can be many reasons you may not be getting the results you are looking for. Let me help with a few suggestions. Main reasons people may not lose the weight with Insanity would be: Not eating enough so your body goes in starvation mode, Food allergies that prevent you from losing weight(consult your doctor), Eating too much in a single meal, diet may contain too much sugar(sugar is your worst enemy).

      How many calories does the nutrition guide say you should be eating per day? Are you properly spreading out the portions and calories between all snacks and meals throughout the day? Are you eating a carb rich meal within 30 minutes of your Insanity workout(4 to 1 carb to protein ratio recommended after a hard workout)? These are a few things to review in your daily routine. Check it out and let me know if you need to make any adjustments?

      1. Well it said I have to eat 1770 cals, but I wasnt logging my calories and I know I wasnt eating much. Now, I already started computing my calories like a mad woman, although I keep it at 1600 (I am so paranoid coz I feel like Im taking in too much). I bought protein shakes as a meal replacement coz I cant get into the calorie requirement, now I can reach it and with the 40/40/20 ratio (protein/carb/fat)! I feel like im already toning up within just 2 days of being on the diet. I am concerned though coz 3 of my meals are from meal replacements (2 protein shakes and 1 glucerna), is it fine if i do this? Im just really not used to eating much, and since im in a lot of stress (wedding stuff) lately, I also dont have the appetite to eat most of the time.
        Thanks Tony!

        1. With intense workouts especially, you must eat more than not to lose weight. It sounds contradicting but it’s the way it is for you body to improve. So much is lost during workouts that if you don’t replenish, you won’t recover, build, or have energy. My wife had the same issue of not losing the weight with Insanity. When she increased her food intake, she started dropping the weight. Having 3 shakes like you said are better than not getting your meals in. Sometimes I have a shakeology in the morning and late afternoon, and then if I am hungry late night, I will have a muscle milk protein shake. With the Glucerna, make sure you compliment it with something as it is only under 200 calories. Maybe add a piece of fruit with that snack. If you are supposed to be eating 1770, then each meal should be around 300 calories if you’re eating 6 meals and 354 if you’re getting in 5 meals for the day. Keep up the good work, and keep me posted. Thanks, Bride2be!

  34. Tony, I notice you mention the P90X post workout/recovery. Do you do both workouts? Also do you have a recommendation for a pre workout? I have not yet ordered a workout. I just had ACL surgery from a work realted injury. In December when, estimated time frame, I am back to normal I want to order a workout and get back into shape. I am leaning towards Insanity but not 100% sure. I would love your input.


    1. Hey Jeremy, Not sure if you mean pre and post workout “drinks” or “workouts” so I will touch on both. I love the P90X Results and recovery drink because of the taste. I’m not sure what you like but it taste like an orange creamsicle and it’s refreshing and has the 4 to 1 carb to protein ratio that is recommended for max recovery. For my pre workout drink, I don’t currently use one. However, I used beta alanine during my last 90 day program, Body Beast, and it really helped me go beyond what I thought was my best. It was like I had longer and more power to get through those last heavy, tough reps.

      For Pre and Post Workouts, All beachbody workouts come with a warmup session to get your muscles warm and stretched before going hard. You should never stretch cold muscles. For Post workout, our workouts also take you through cool downs which is very important. P90X is the best in my opinion for pre and post warm up cool down sessions.

      Insanity is hardcore and for people who are in a bit of shape already. If you step back in after an injury, I would recommend Tai Cheng to slowly get your joints and body in the right condition for exercise. This will help prevent another injury. Insanity requires a lot of movement and if your body has taken a long road to recovery, it may not be the best thing to jump into right away. Safety is most important. If you do choose to go right into Insanity, make sure to modify the moves until you are ready to take it up a notch. I wish you a successful recovery and when you’re ready, I’ll be here to help you any way I can.

  35. I am on my last week of instainty untilbi donmy week of recovery. I haven’t lost weight but I have seen a change in my body. I would like lose 10-15 pounds. I can’t stop drinking diet cokes but I cut this way back.

    1. Laura, any kind of change you see even though it’s not weight loss, is good. Sometimes you are building muscle and sometimes you are getting healthier on the inside which to me is the most important. Keep exercising daily and work harder to clean up your eating habits. Your nutrition will make or break your final results. What helps me is to look at a picture that I have put on my fridge of someone who has a body like I want.

      It tells me every time that in order to get this, I need to eat better and commit daily to a healthy lifestyle. Believe it or not, next time you reach for that diet coke, something in your mind may help you to turn off that craving because what you are shooting for may suddenly become so much more important. Keep your goals in front of you where you can see them. It must be seen daily to remind you why you are working so hard.

  36. Tony,

    I have just finished my first 4 weeks and am going into my recovery week. What can I expect to see. I have lost 5 lbs, and I feel like mt energy level is going down. I am following the nutritional guide closely. About 80% . Is this normal ?

    1. Hey Jimmy, the first 30 days are were about finding your inner strength and now you are getting ready to challenge yourself to the MAX. But before that, Shaun will take you to a week of recovery where your will sweat but not to a point like you have been for the last month. The upcoming workouts are harder and longer. Take breaks when needed. This refuels your muscles with oxygen that is lost and is important to progress. For the next 30 days, you will need to eat carbs for endurance and energy. I ate brown rice, bananas, even some whole wheat pasta. You will need these carbs to make it through. You will burn them so quickly that you will always feel hungry. This is how it should be. Make sure you eat every 3 hours to get all your meals in throughout the day. Immediately after your workouts, make sure you are eating 4 to 1 carb to protien ratio within 30 minutes after your workouts. Eating too much protein for post workout will actually slow your hydration and recovery process. I recommend the P90x results and recovery for post workout. It’s under nutrition and supplements. If you don’t like that, Endurox R4 is also pretty good. Hope this helps, Jimmy. You can do this buddy!

  37. I just started the work out and its far harder then I originally thought and am struggling at the moment to get through the work out but it just is day one. I went to the store and worked out what I would need to eat and when and how often. My question would be about Sunday the day of rest. Do we continue the meal plan on that day or are we allowed to eat normally?

    1. Hey Russ, Insanity definitely takes a while for your body to get used to no matter what kind of conditioning you’re in. Planning out your food like you are is key and you’re on the right path. As far as the rest day, Insanity would like for you to stay on a healthy eating regimen for the full 60 days. It tough for sure. My take is that if you are absolutely craving a certain food, take care of it on your rest day and only on that one meal to get your craving over with. Chances are, your body won’t like it as much as you thought it would.

      Don’t make it a whole day of cheat meals. So in other words, not a cheat day, but a cheat meal. Everything counts, so make sure this doesn’t become a frequent habit. There comes a time when you want to challenge yourself to be disciplined. Hope this helps.

  38. I have had celiacs disease my whole life and had got diagnosed sept. 2011. I had a taste of insanity this past may with a group and bought it for my 25th birthday this oct. I have no problem eating a well diet. The celiacs forced me to. The nutrition guide is interesting and i use it. I have to tweak it of course and make foods gluten free and ease off the dairy too (lactose intolerant). I am going to stick with it and see if it is worth it after i complete the first cycle.

    1. Hi Racquael, I am impressed with your drive to work hard beyond the limitations that try to stop you from being your best. Nutrition is the most important thing in my opinion, even over a hardcore workout. After all, we are what we eat. I am too lactose intolerant and stay away from the dairy. Finding what works best for you is key. Everyone is different and at times needs tweaking like you said. I am here if you need any further help. I would love to know how your journey goes. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Thanks a lot! I will really stay in touch. For now, i had to tale a break from insanity and focus on my diet. Ill be resuming my 3rd week of month 2 on monday and i really do hope to see results. Im planning to start doing round 2 right after i finish round 1. This time, ill be very watchful with my diet and no more breaks!( i had to stop for a break for 2 weeks on month 1 due to some personal reasons.) well, ill just update u with my progress for the next 2 weeks(as i approach the finish line with round 1)

    1. Omar, what’s up? I should technically say no casue the nutrition guide doesn’t say so. In reality, especially in the beginning, you may need to have a cheat meal. I don’t recommend a whole “day”, or free day. Instead, every once in a while, I will have a cheat “meal” or snack. Everything counts. So let’s keep it at that:) Keep in touch, Omar

  40. Thank you for your reply! Actually, i have an estimated body fat of 24 and i must say, i look skinny. Its just that im a bit annoyed with the extra layer of belly fat. Its really annoying. I would drink whey protein( only when im doing strenght training) and eat healthy most of the time. But i love eating junkfoods, chocolates. It was just so difficult. Doing this workout is so much easier that to follow a strict diet. I dont know what to do now. Battling with belly fat is the hardest thing ive ever done.

    1. I met Shaun T himself about 2 years ago and I was with him last year in Las Vegas. Even he says that he needs his peanut butter m&m’s every once in a while. No one is perfect and there comes a time when you need a treat.But learn how to control yourself and make sure you work hard to deserve it. That said, everything you put in your mouth matters. That’s why it shouldn’t be a habit. Stay in touch Catherine. Would love to get updates on your journey.

  41. Hi, im on my 2nd month, 2nd week and im a little bit discouraged as i am not seeing much results. I have 2 more weeks to go before finishing insanity and i havent seen the relts that i wanted. Im skinny but i have a little bit of bulging belly. I have not been following the nutrition guide. I eat healthy but not really THAT healthy. I would indulge on some days and always have a cheat day every week.Please advice.

    1. Hey Catherine, the insanity workout is a really intense workout as I am sure you know. Many times people I talk to who aren’t getting the results they want is because one or two things: They aren’t eating enough. I will be honest with you that when I did Insanity, I also gave myself a cheat meal about 2 times per week. So out of 42 meals in the week, I had 2 off meals. This kept me committed to my goals and actually sometimes helped in the energy you have to go hard.

      With that said, the Insanity Nutrition plan is there to fully guide you in what you need to do as far as how much to eat according to your weight, gender, activity level, and more. It is there because Beachbody lays it all out according to test studies and scientific research on how the body reacts to certain foods during this type of activity. My recommendation is to get on track with the plan until you know how to do this yourself by actually doing it right first.

      You could be eating healthy, but your body may still be starving therefore, it will hold onto the fat for energy. If you want to burn the unwanted weight away, your body must get enough macro nutrients(Protein, Carbs, Healthy Fats) The Insanity Guide will walk you through which ones are best.

      No one is perfect, and I am far from it……but the more you follow the guide, the better you will be and the more you will learn how to feed your body through the transition it’s going through with Insanity. Wish you the best, Catherine. I’m here if you need further assistance.

  42. Hi my name is Marie I been doing insanity for 6 weeks it is an insane workout I was just wondering do I have to do the nutrition I didn’t do it for the first month I just being eating right and left the junk food

    1. Hi Marie, the most important thing is that you eat healthy so for that, great job! The Insanity nutrition plan is put together so that you can have the most energy and fat loss by portioning the macro-nutrients(proteins, carbs, fats) in the right time of your specific workout. As well, some people don’t eat enough so the nutrition guide will make sure that you are reaching your required calories or need to cut down. Once you have the experience of knowing what and when to adjust your macro-nutrients, you can plan your own nutrition regime cause you will know how your body reacts. I would recommend following the nutrition guide at least the first time through for max results so you can understand the plan during intense workouts such as Insanity.

  43. Hi there,

    I started my second week of insanity yesterday and I am enjoying it i do normally use the gym but am trying this workout to shift my last bit of weight, but i do have a few questions and because i live in the uk im not able to join

    first of all in my first week i actually gained 3 pounds which i think must have been water as i had DOMS big time.

    I am a woman weighing 11st 1 lb (155lb) and im 5ft 5.5inches tall, I had a baby 7 months ago and i have lost my baby weight but i want to lose around about 7-10lbs to bring me well into my recommended weight for my height. My concern is that I wont achieve this with insanity there are alot of threads saying they lost inches not weight and i want to achieve both. I watch what i eat and very rarely eat bad food ie chocolate, cakes, pies etc but i am not following the nutrition plan, with having a job, a baby and a house to keep I just dont have the time im on a very tight schedule and i only just manage 3 meals a day let a 5-6. I have enough energy to do the workouts altho they are tough. am i doing this right or am i better off back at the gym. I workout to my max and my hrm that shows my calories burnt is only showing that im burning around 300 cals in a 40min workout is this beause i dont have much to lose or am i doing something wrong.

    I havent seen any weight loss and i really want to lose this last lot. any help would be great.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    1. Shelley, you are doing most things right. It is very tough to follow the Insanity workout to a “T”, especially in the first week. You must plan ahead your meals, especially being a busy mom.

      What I found helps me a lot is to prepare my meals ahead of time. I pre-cut my vegetables and keep them in containers so when it’s time to cook, I just thrown them on the fire. It saves a lot of time from having to cut, prepare, and cook meals everytime. You will go crazy:)

      Your body might be holding onto weight because you are not eating the right meal intervals of at least 4 meals a day minimum. Eating 5-6 meals is crucial to keep you metabolism going with your workouts. There is a saying that says, “You can workout perfectly day in day out, but it does no good without proper nutrition.”

      If you are eating 3 meals and proper portions, you are not eating enough. If you are eating 3 meals per day and are huge portions, then your body is having a hard time taking advantage of the nutrients and is most likely gaining weight from the bigger servings which make it harder to digest, therefore your body doesn’t get the max advantage of the nutrients.

      I usually cook me a tub full of carbs and Veggies & add 3 servings of protein like Chix or fish in there when I head off to work. This allows me to eat a meal whenever I want on the fly as all I have to do is just take out the container and eat quick. No need for a lot of time to go somewhere, order, pay, and sit down and eat. I can get that meal out of the way in 5 minutes if I am very busy.

      If I were you, I wouldn’t worry so much about the HRM or even the weigh scale. Those matter the least. I never even used a HRM to be honest. Just do your best each and every workout, and with proper eating habits, you will get great results that will surprise you, Shelley.

  44. I have been following Isanity for 6 weeks now, my weight has gone up and down by only 3pounds. I’m so disappointed and still really flabby. I weighed in at 176 and the lightest I have been is 174. I am also hurting at the knees even though i’m landing softly. I have cut my calories down to about 1000 and i’m 39 years old 5’9 in height is this because of my age or am I not eating enough? I could really use some good tips. I have even done some of the workouts twice a day.

    1. Hi Sophie. Let’s get you back on track. I have experienced this before when I first started Insanity. My brother’s got such great results and I didn’t feel I was on track to do the same. I was staying the same weight for a while. The thing that most people get wrong with this program and it is super natural to do this, is not eat enough. Your body needs 1200 calories per day just to live right. If you add in Insanity, you can see that your body is probably holding onto everything it can to stay afloat. This means, holding onto fat, and also using up your muscle gains for energy. You need that muscle to burn calories and fat. My guess is that your body is in starvation mode if you are only consuming 1000 calories.

      So in summary, you don’t need to do more than the program suggests you do cause it is easy to over train, not allowing your body to recover. If your body can’t recover, your transformation will be hard to reach cause your body won’t develop what you work so hard for.

      This may sound silly, but I would recommend you tone it down on doubling up your workouts, and eat more. Go into the fitness guide and recalculate your required calories per day and stick to that. Doesn’t need to be exact but should stay around the figure it gives you when you input your proper numbers in the equation.

      When I started to eat more to what it recommended which was 2800 calories per day, that is when I started to lose my 26 lbs in 60 days. It will improve your results. Eating is very important. You have to eat so feed your body the fuel it needs to make it through the workouts and replenish your body of lost nutrients after you workout. Make sure that after you workout, you have an hour window that your body needs to refuel. It is recommended that you eat a meal that is 4 parts to one, Carb to Protein. This will give your body the proper nutrients it needs to replenish after doing Insanity.

      So don’t over train and eat more, Sophie. You do this, you will start to see better results. Let me know how it goes:)

  45. hi i think i have it in me to try the insanity as i have tried many diets and workout before but ive always stopped and started them. The one thing i wanted to know is as i am starting this tomorrow when is the best time to actually do the workout, is this before the first meal or maybe before dinner after work as i work 9-5pm, ive normally been doing a workout before my breakfast is that a good thing to be doing?

    1. Good morning, Nisi. The best time to work out is when is best for you. There are many advantages for working out at different times but the important thing is getting it in rather than not. I always changed when I exercised based on my work schedule. If I had a choice, I would work out in the morning so I would have the rest of the day free to not worry about getting it done. They say working out in the evening will allow for better rest at night. They also say your aerobic stamina is better in the early evening. However, working out in the morning is better for creating a habit and staying on schedule with your workouts. My suggestion, is to just make sure you fit it in daily when you think you will have the easiest time creating that habit. If waiting for the evening gets hard because you tend to put it off cause work was rough or so, then get it done in the morning and vice versa. I wish you the best of luck for the next 60 days. I’m here for you if you have any questions throughout:)

  46. Hello Tony,
    I just purchased the Insanity program and I am on my second day. I’ve read over some past comments and have a few concerns about being able to eat enough meals using this program.

    Recently, I started wearing a clear retainer 24 hours a day to realign some teeth that had moved out of place. This makes it incredibly hard to eat 5-6 meals a day as the program suggests. I need to have my retainers in at least 20 hours a day and after every meal I have to brush and floss my teeth which is very difficult to accomplish in my work environment. Essentially, I can only eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and a recovery meal after my workouts. What exactly do you recommend in this situation? Should I make sure my meals are a bit larger so I’m not depriving myself of the calories I need? I’m about 5’3 and 130 pounds and I believe I should be consuming around 2100 calories per day for Insanity.

    Also, I cannot afford Shakeology. Is there a cheaper whey protein that you recommend? I have also been drinking a glass of milk after my workouts for recovery. Do you have a better suggestion? Is there a larger meal I should be consuming post-workout to make sure I’m receiving my caloric needs and recovering properly? Please let me know your thoughts!

    1. Hi Sarah, congratulations on making your decision with Insanity. It is a great workout and you will get amazing results if you follow it from start to finish.

      Reading up on your comment, I have to say that I never had to experience what you are going through so I cannot tell you from personal experience. However, you said you are able to at least eat 4 meals. That is better than 2 or 3 huge meals. You don’t want to make those meals too large because that will defeat the purpose of eating 5-6 recommended portioned meals for better metabolism.

      I would suggest getting easy and quick healthy snacks to eat in between on the go. Snacks can really help you reach your calorie count quickly by the end of the day. Grapes, bananas, almonds, ect. I also add coconut oil and all natural PB to my meal replacement shakes. This adds a couple hundred calories to the drink quickly. You could maybe do the same with your recovery drink as you find the recipe you like. Just make sure you keep it healthy.

      For a protein shake, my wife likes the Muscle milk. She tried Myoplex and also the Whey protein from Beachbody, but Muscle Milk works best for her. Here’s a link to muscle milk for your convenience. It’s in the $20 dollar range. Let me know how it goes, Sarah.

  47. Hi Tony,
    I am a 25 year old mother of a 2 year old boy and a 3 month old boy. Before having my kids I was in really good shape (played college volleyball). I am in week one, following the nutrition plan, drinking 1% choc. milk in place of results and recovery. my question is, is it possible to follow the eating plan and be overeating? The food is delicious, quick, and easy but I have never eaten this much before…I have my baby fat all over, about 15 pounds, and I feel like I’m just adding on the pounds. is this a figment of my imagination or will I really burn it off? Also, on day 3, I’m keeping up but on certain drills I find that I’m going slower in spite of pushing myself to the limit…will I not see results since I’m unable to push as hard as the Sean? All my college days muscle is now fat, but i am determined to reverse this! I will get there even if I have to do this program 10 times. however, I would like to get there sooner if possible. What do you think?

    1. Hi Rebecca, we have something in common. We have all boys:) To get to your questions, first of all it is always possible to over eat. What I would recommend is to take the total number of calories that the plan tells you you need and divide it by how many meals you plan to eat in a day (5 or 6). This will give you a visual of the size each meal should be. Then, of course your main meals(breakfast, lunch, dinner) will be closer to the average calorie per meal number and the in between snacks will be a little less most of the time.

      The eating part seems to be the hardest thing to adjust to because most people don’t know how to properly eat. Our nation eats on average 2-3 big meals per day. Which is the reason of our obesity problem. Portions are too big in the restaurants, therefore people get used to eating the wrong way. So, when it comes time to eat right, it’s a totally new thing to them.

      Know that you have to eat so that your body has the energy source. If you don’t eat the way the nutrition plan says to, your body will find places like your hard earned muscle to feed off of therefore, decreasing your results. Eating more will actually help you to lose weight because you body needs that for energy to do insanity. You will burn the calories versus others that eat a lot and aren’t active.

      These are some of the hardest exercises put on the market and you are recommended to go at your own pace. Don’t try to keep up with the people on the DVD. They have been doing this for years. Your body will burn more fat if you take breaks when needed and allow your muscles to recover by getting oxygen back into them before you are ready to continue through the end of the workout.

      This is why they always say to take breaks when needed, because everyone is on different levels of fitness. If you don’t allow your muscles to take breaks and regain some oxygen lost during the workouts, you are just holding back your production. Push as hard as YOU can, not Shaun T:) I can’t even keep up with that freak of nature.

      You can lose all 15 lbs in one round of insanity. It’s been done. Just follow the plan, and do your best everyday. Sooner or later, you will have to change up routines to get your body working in different ways. But for now, stick with it one day at a time, stay focused on your goals, and know that this program is proven to get you the results you want if you follow the game plan.

  48. Hi i’m 17 years old, and im in my third week of insanity, and haven’t lost much weight. i’m roughly 140 wanting to lose 20 lbs. Maybe a little water weight, but that’s all. i’m supposed to be eating around 1500 calories a day, and it’s acually kind of hard for me because healthy food isn’t packed with tons of calories, therefore it’s hard to eat a lot. i’m pretty sure my stomach got smaller, and i don’t eat as much as i should. but if i try to eat the reccomended 5 meals, i feel overstuffed and sick. It’s hard for me to follow the recipes because of a lack of time and money, is it ok if i still eat healthy, without following the nutrition recipes? Oh, and i use my fitness pal to track my calories, (i try for 1500) but i usually have between 600-300 left. and one last thing, in the commercials, they don’t exactly tell you how many rounds the people have done.. will one round really show great results if i haven’t even lost weight yet?

    thank you!!

    1. Hi Grace, my recommendation to you is to start eating as early as possible. Usually around 6-8a.m. should be when you consume your first meal if you want to properly get in all the meals of the day. I struggled with this as well and I found this out very quickly because I was running out of time in the day to get my 5th or 6th meal in. Healthy food has enough calories to easily reach your calorie recommendation. You may not realize somethings you may be consuming acutally helps up those calories pretty easily. For example, Shakeology is only 140 calories. But by the time I add 2 tbsp PB, 2 tbsp coconut oil, and a banana to it, it is all the way up to 550 calories just for that shake alone.

      If you start early, the more you will have time to snack in between your meals and the snacks can add up to your calorie count pretty fast. Sometimes with my snacks during the day, I eat 7 or 8 times in a day. 3 of those being my breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, and the others snacks such as fruits, recovery drinks, almonds, ect.

      Don’y get so caught up in trying to hit the exact amount of calories, it’s just too stressful and it can take a lot out of your focus. Prepare your meals for work ahead of time so you know what you will need to eat while you’re not at home.

      Pre-cutting your veggies and cooking carbs and proteins for the week is a good way to get your food in on demand as well. It’s easier to add veggies to your meals if they are already prepped and all you have to do is take them out of the fridge and throw them on the pan, rather then having to cut them up when it’s time to cook. This will make it easier to add a few more calories to your meals on a consistent basis.

      You don’t have to follow the exact recipes, but they are there if you need some ideas. You can have great results just by eating the right proteins, carbs, and fats, and not necessarily making it a gourmet meal all the time. I am very plain and easy, and every once in a while, I will make a great looking meal from the recipe book.

      How many rounds? You will get great results from one round. You say you need to lose 20lbs right? You can do that on one round of Insanity. It’s been done so it is possible for you. Just make sure you eat enough so your body won’t starve and hold onto fat and eat up your muscle instead. Stay consistent, don’t skip workouts. If you miss 2 workouts during the week, then do that week over.

      Remember, fitness is a lifestyle to those you see who have great results. It’s not something they just do once and call it a success for life. One round can transform your body to a totally new you, but most people shoot for even greater goals afterwards because they believe in themselves more after the first round. Don’t worry about the weight scale as much as how healthy you are becoming. Truth is, when you gain muscle, you gain weight as well. So you may be gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time and then all of a sudden, your body will go into burning mode where you will see a very fast change in your body. The weight will take care of itself if you follow the plan. Keep up the great work!

  49. Tony,
    I just started Insanity and just finished week one. I’m nervous, though, because I’ve done tons of research and have seen alot of people who didn’t see results and followed the program exactly. Also, alot of people didn’t see results until near the end of the program. If I KNOW I can expect to see real results (not just a few pounds or one inch lost) I will push through but don’t want to work this hard and not lose weight or see results. Having done the program, do you think I will see real results I’m looking for towards the end and not so much in Month 1? I am following the Nutrition Guide exactly as it says and haven’t altered it at all. It says I need 4,100 calories a day to maintain my weight (I’m 5’11” and 220lbs) and I am eating about 1,600 calories a day. It’s hard but like you said nutrition is a huge part of fitness! Any suggestions or advice?

    1. Hi Erik, it seems to me that you may be selling yourself short on calories. I am 5’7″ 168 and my calorie demand is at 2800. You would be in need of more than me. Check the equation in the fitness guide again and if it says you need 4100 then try your best to plan your meals to get close to that by the end of each day. Start eating as early as possible and try to have your last meal 3 hours before bedtime. If you need to eat something later in the night, do your best to make it a protein shake or something similar and easily digestible. Your body needs those calories and the nutrients. If you are not eating enough, you will most likely gain weight or stay the same because your body will be starving and holding onto unhealthy fats for energy.

      As far as the results testimonials, I am not going to say anyone is a liar. All I can say is that it personally worked for me, my brothers, and several people on my team that I personally know. Many times people say that they followed it exact, but sometimes that “Exact” means I did my best but gave up because I didn’t see immediate results. Not saying that’s what happened but there are too many people who had life changing results. I’m not going to say that it works 100% of the time, but if you follow the program, you will be better off in the end then if you didn’t do it.

      My advice would be to do your best, and leave your all in the 1 hour’s workout everyday. Keep loyal to yourself and your nutrition, and keep surrounding yourself around people who support your goals. In the end, you will be amazed and if not, get your refund:) If you bought Insanity from Beachbody, they back their programs with a 100% satisfaction guarantee of your money back, no questions asked.

      I wish you success in your 60 day journey. Stay in touch and let me know how things are going. Link up with me as your coach if you’d like so I can support you all the way through.

    1. Hi Sarshar, the insanity nutrition guide was designed to feed your body the right way based on what it will be experiencing through the 60 days of Insanity. That being said, you don’t have to follow it item by item, recipe by recipe. I couldn’t, because when I did Insanity, I was on a tight budget. However, you want to use it as a guide to follow with whatever eating plan you do. Make sure you are eating enough calories based on what the calorie equation tells you. Eat a combination of the recommended Starches, proteins, fats, ect(macronutrients). You don’t want to eat the wrong macronutrients. Eat at least 5 meals a day, but try for 6, and while you don’t have to count exact calories as I don’t, you want to keep it in the vacinity of what your body needs. The Insanity nutrition guide will lead you to the right road to success no matter if you have to modify for your budget or liking.

  50. i am 34 years old and have never really exercised. i have always eaten healthy and watched my weight but i am very soft and the older i get it seems i am gaining weight yet i dont eat that much. its hard for me to stick with something by myself and i need an actual plan of what to eat and when. im sure that seems silly. i really want to get in shape and look hot in a bikini. im 5’3 and about 125 lbs. i want to be around 100-105 lbs but in shape. is this a good plan for me?

    1. Hi Tina, I understand what you’re saying. There is a motto out there that says strong and healthy is the new skinny. Because no longer do people want to be thin, but instead, defined with toned muscle, strong, and healthy inside from all the toxins that are around us today. Insanity is for people who are already in somewhat of shape already. The program will shed weight off of you but is not necessarily a muscle builder like P90X. So it sounds to me like you are looking for the total solution.

      If you don’t want to start off extreme, I would recommend ChaLean Extreme. It is a total body transformation program that combines both resistance training and cardio. After you graduate from that, you can then move on to Insanity. Remember, this is of course if you haven’t been in the exercise scene lately. Get your feet wet, then jump in the ocean basically. I’ve had many people on our team that have done CLX, and have had incredible results.

      Thanks, Tina. Looking forward to your journey.

  51. Tony,
    I’m 17 years old and just got the insanity workout. I’ve been researching it to make sure its what is healthiest and best for me. I’m not over weight im skinny and about 130 pounds. I was wondering if the Nurtrition guide is key in this workout for someone my age? Or can i go on eating food such as sandwhiches, steak and what not. I eat healthy normally with occasional fast food and such. I really would like to have better muscle tone with this workout. That is what my main goal is i just wanted to make sure i wouldnt hurt myself if i didnt follow the nurtrion guide. Thanks,

    1. Hey Edward. The insanity workout is for people that are somewhat already in shape. Maybe not the best of shape but at least someone who hasn’t been away from the cardio training scene for a while. You’re very young and your body type should be able to handle all the movements better than someone who is real fragile. The nutrition guide was put together specifically for this program in knowing what you body will be going through. It’s much more intense than normal cardio like running on a treadmill or jogging for a few miles. Your body will be doing so many different things throughout the time frame of each workout that your body will be working twice as hard to finish the moves while fatigue.

      I would recommend following the nutrition plan even at your age because the insanity nutrition plan once again was put together with all this in mind and knows what your body needs to replenish. Make sure you use the nutrition guide to also know how many calories you should be eating per day so you know that you are eating enough or too much. Most people don’t eat enough and therefore, their results stall because their bodies are trying to hold on unhealthy fat for energy.

      Remember we are human, and sometimes we have the need to have a rest day(recommended) or some call a cheat day. Don’t go overboard on these days. Try not to ever go below 90% healthy for the week. That means following the nutrition guide at least 90% of the time. This program will definitely give you more muscle tone you’re looking for, but you have to follow the workout guide and nutrition plan to get max results.

  52. I’m 14 and in my 3rd week of insanity. I haven’t been following the diet plan. Because I’m 14 does it not matter as much or should I still follow it?

    1. Hi Jake, wow, you are a super kid! That is great. Actually, I have a son that is 12 and he does Insanity as well to strengthen himself up for baseball. I would say following the nutrition plan is always recommended to get max results from the program. With that said, I don’t know what you current physique is like or your ultimate goal with the program either. Following the nutrition plan will teach you how to eat right not only during Insanity, but for life in general which is important while you grow up to not get involved with the bad eating habits like most of the society. So I would recommend that you do stick with the eating program, but also ask your parents to take you and consult with your doctor as they will know more about your bodies current demands and situations. Keep it up buddy!

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