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  1. Tony Banawa

    Absolutely. I made up my own recipes as my budget allowed, but I used the Insanity guide to help in knowing what good proteins, carbs, and fats I could eat and stayed away from the bad ones. Also , I did my best to stay within my calorie needs as that can get out of whack if you’re not following the nutrition guide as well. Good Luck!

  2. Bram

    Bumped on this article by accident since I want to start the insanity workout myself to get more fit, conditioned and toned. My BF% is already +/- 9%, so I don’t have to lose much weight anymore.

    Still keen on dieting though, but at least this gives me an overview to at least try some of the meals suggested. The diet seems to obligatory though, so I might just get in there step by step :-)

    Thanks for this article Tony, will help me out a lot.

  3. Martha

    I’m 32 yrs old and I weight 129lbs and I’m 5ft tall, I don’t think that I need to lose more weight instead I need to tone up my body which is my biggest problem. Do I also need to follow the elite nutrition program in order to see results in 60 days?

    • Tony Banawa

      Use the Nutrition plan as a guide on what is good and not to eat. Don’t have to follow exactly but it’s there as a guide to help you gather what works best for you. Thanks

  4. kristen

    hello i am starting day 2 of insanity i think its neeat i can go in u tube and do it for free the thing is i work 3rd shift so i go to bed at 6 am and get up at 2 pm ive only been eating one big meal at like between 5-8 pm then 2 snacks throughout the night(salad or poptarts….can yuou tell me examples of how to eat with this schedule? i used to be a pre olympic athlete and am just starting to work out again after like 5 years of doing nothing….i injured my back very badly in a gymnastic injury…please email me anything that would hep…anyone????also the shakeology shakes i can rpleace snacks with? it wont make me gain weight will it????its almost 1 am and i am just doing day 2 of the workout….see how my times of the day are all messed up??my email is harley789803@gmail.com if anyone can help with ideas i am 5 2 and 144 lbs very unhappy with body i now have cellulite behind my legs….;(very upsetting…kristen

    • Tony Banawa

      Kristen, I would love to help you but unfortunately I can’t support illegal usage of Insanity. All your specific questions are answered in the guides that come with Insanity when you purchase the program. I do wish you the best with your results, but being that I am tied with Beachbody, I can’t support this. Thanks for understanding.

  5. Leonard

    Excellent article. I am beginning the Insanity! I am 50 years old but in good health. I used to be a runner about 20 years ago. I have a dietary concern in that I am lactose intollerant. What options are available to replace shakeology and the other items in the menus that a dairy related? I am a little lean now and want to put on some muscle in my upper body. Thanks for your help.

    • Tony Banawa

      Hey Leonard, I am also lactose intolerant. Shakeology has vegan options. I use the Chocolate Vegan and it works fine for my body. You can mix it with water or almond milk. The best thing I would recommend for you is to create a free BB account, and get on the message boards. They have all the answers to all you questions about that and a broad range of health subjects from people just like you in your current situation. I think it would be better to get multiple suggestions than just one from me. Thanks Leonard.

  6. Rach

    Hi, I am about to start insanity & am keen to use the diet recommended but am vegetarian. I eat dairy, eggs, veg & lots of nuts so i think most meals ok, but meal 4 suggests mainly meat or or fish. Can you advise what I can replace this with??? Is quorn ok??? Thanks

    • Tony Banawa

      Hi Rach, you don’t have to eat the exact protein recommended. So many people have specifics, and being a vegetarian, you have to narrow things a bit right? As long as you are eating healthy, and enough of it, you should be fine. I actually went vegan for some of my weeks and only added in chicken when I absolutely couldn’t take it anymore:) I lost 23 lbs in 90 days and packed on lean muscle without following the exact proteins and carbs to a “T”. You can do the same. Quorn is excellent!

  7. Anonymous

    Great article tony!!this was extremly helpful and educating.it gives me more a clear over view .thanks alot!!!!

    • Tony Banawa

      Very good to hear…You’re Welcome!

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