High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) For Leaning Up Muscle Mass Gains

HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training, which is also known as sprint interval training, is an exercise strategy that involves the alternate process of highly intensive exercises with low intensity recovery periods in between. These are more of cardiovascular exercises, which enhance your fat burning and metabolism. There are several other benefits that are offered by a professional HIIT training.

HIIT training

Traditional HIIT Intervals

Who should do HIIT training?

A different category of people with different physical issues should undergo HIIT training to address those issues. You may undergo the HIIT training:

  • When you wish to lose weight and want to burn maximum calories
  • When you want to retain your muscles in a cutting phase
  • When you wish to want to enhance your endurance in aerobics
  • When you want to burn high calories every day
  • When you want to increase your metabolic rate (MBR)
  • When you are an athlete or a sportsman, who wants to improve in your respective field.
I know some people that gain a lot of muscle mass and then they want to lean it up cause after gaining all that muscle mass, they also put on weight gains. This is the time that Hiit training comes handy. For those that want to lean up after putting on muscle mass as well. Doing this intense high interval training will allow you to burn more calories for the rest of the night after your workout is done and you’re laying in bed, then you would doing a normal 1 or 2 mile run that day.


How HIIT training works and how it transforms one’s body?

HIIT training enhances both anaerobic and aerobic energy systems in your body.

Aerobic Energy System:The term aerobics refers to ‘with oxygen’. This system is normally used during prolonged

hiit training

exercise. When there is sufficient oxygen to give the energy required, the fatigue remains low. This is probably why athletes train themselves at high altitudes where the oxygen supply is less.

Anaerobic Energy System:This term refers to ‘without oxygen’ and provides energy in your body up to 1 minute. This is possible because the body uses the phosphate for the first few seconds and for the rest of time, it uses the lactic acid and glycols to supply the required energy.

  • HIIT training enhances the burning of calories during the exercise periods and the breaks, as it enhances the recovery period of your body for each session.
  • HIIT training limits your muscle loss that normally takes place during weight loss.
  • HIIT training actually increases the endurance in your athletic body and also creates metabolic adaptation to use your fat as the fuel under various conditions.

However, the fundamental element that makes high intensity interval training different from the other methods is the maximum effort that is involved in the process than just increased heart rate. There are various approaches to a HIIT program. However, the basic difference between these would be the length of time between the interval periods, the difference in the intensity levels, different time and different number of training sessions that are involved. Each program is designed to the specific needs of the clients. In fact, a proper HIIT or high intensity interval training can transform your body, as it addresses all main issues for someone who is overweight of even just out of shape such as;

  • Cardio training
  • Regularize the hormone level
  • Endurance
  • Increased daily stamina


Insanity Workout and Reversal of HIIT Training

How does the Insanity workout by Beachbody reverse HIIT?

The Insanity workout program is based on reversing HIIT. They have decided that it is better to work extremely hard for 1 or 2 minutes and rest for 30 seconds, unlike the HIIT training, where you work for 30 seconds and slow it down for 1 or 2 minutes. Reversing it makes it harder on the beginner’s body especially, if he or she does not have a proper and fit shape.

Hiit Cardio

Insanity Reverses The Traditional HIIT Cardio Concept For Elite Training

The other aspect where we can say the Insanity workout by Beachbody reverses HIIT is, unlike the HIIT program, the Insanity workout is harder on your joints. This would cause more trouble for people who already have joint issues. Beachbody recommends Insanity for those who are already in a bit of shape. Definitely not for beginners, but if you are up to the task of Insanity, you will work your way up to being in athlete status as pro athletes such as Apolo Ohno and Hope Solo are known for incorporating Insanity into their elite training schedules. (See Hope Solo/Apolo Ohno Videos To The Right)=====>>>>>>>>

How does Chalean Johnson’s Turbo Fire use HIIT?

Chalean Johnson’s uses the features of the HIIT in the Turbo fire fitness workouts. This program is quite effective on your increased metabolism, on your heart, and fat loss. The added advantage of using the HIIT in this Turbo program is that, the benefits are achieved even after 24 hours of workout. There are the moves of the HIIT training program, which are known as ‘fire drills’, which incinerates your body fat 9 times more than the other methods.


In essence, HIIT training is one of the most effective ways that is gaining increased popularity. You can achieve fat burning, endurance, strength, and cardio health among many other benefits through this program. Performing this intense training is recommended on your off days of lifting weights and it will take away from your strength. If you are to do it on the same day, it is highly encouraged to do them at least 4 to 6 hours apart from each other. Doing HIIT, high intensity interval training will take up less time than hours on a treadmill, and you will get more lean in the process.

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    HIIT cardio is definitely one the hardest workouts you can do. It has helped me get rid of fat and at the same time keep my hard earned muscle

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