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The Shakeology cleanse, also known as the “Shakeology Jumpstart” is essentially a nutrient rich meal replacement plan that helps cleanse the body of toxins and undigested food – a leading cause for weight loss issues. Before you buy Shakeology, however, it is important to know how the Shakeology cleanse works and how to do it right for the most optimum results.

Shakeology Cleanse


Shakeology Cleanse | What Is It?

Shakeology is a meal replacement shake that contains over 70 high-quality ingredients jammed into a calorie restrictive, nutrient rich formula. The Shakeology plan will help cleanse your body of unwanted toxins and undigested food products, which will give it the opportunity to run more smoothly and shed a few extra pounds. After using the Shakeology cleanse you will notice your energy has improved, your body feels lighter and fit and the weight will start to come off – and stay off. In order to do the Shakeology cleanse you do need to buy Shakeology products.


Is the Shakeology Cleanse for Anyone?

Most people assume to use the Shakeology cleanse you have to be attempting to lose weight – this is untrue. Anyone who wants to feel lighter, have more energy and rid their body of unwanted toxins can use the Shakeology cleanse. Once you buy Shakeology and start the program you can:


  • Flush any undigested food particles from your digestive tract
  • Cleanse your body from a weekend of bad eating or drinking
  • Use Shakeology to get your start in a fitness program
  • Use Shakeology cleanse to prepare for your wedding
  • Boost your body’s metabolism, energy and eliminate bloating


Why is Shakeology Cleanse Better?

There are multiple cleanse programs available, so why is the Shakeology cleanse better than the plethora of others? Unlike other cleanses that have limited to no nutrients, Shakeology still gives your body essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals to prevent malnutrition.


How to Start the Shakeology Cleanse Program

After you buy Shakeology, you can start the three-day cleansing program. It is important to use the exact same routine for all three days for the best results. Some things to keep in mind during your three-day cleanse are:


  • You will require three Shakeology shakes per day
  • You need to drink two cups of fresh green tea each day
  • For dinner eat a salad with poultry or fish
  • Exclude any and all sugars or diary from your diet for the three days
  • Ensure you get at least two to four liters of water each day on the cleanse


The Shakeology cleanse already comes with instructions on how to take the shake. What is important is that you read the inserts and instructions when you buy Shakeology and follow them precisely. Shakeology cleanses are only effective when done right, which means if you want to feel great, lose weight and have more energy, you need to follow through with the plan.

Shakeology Cleanse With Tony Banawa

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