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  1. Katherine

    I just wanted to say thank you for the positive remarks about Shakeology. My husband and I have been using Skakeology for over a year and a half. I just love it and how it makes me feel. We only have a shake in the am (Vanilla is my favorite and Chocolate is my husband’s fav). We add more flax seed, chia seeds, blue berries (or some berry) and blend it all up with water and ice. It is delish and gives us the energy we need to start our day and stays with me until lunch. Yes, it is expensive, but we feel our health is worth it!

  2. Lisa

    I have been drinking Shakeology for about two weeks now. I just started Focus T25 as well. After my first workout I decided to give my legs a rest. They are so sore I can hardly walk. (Guess I was more out of shape then I thought) I am going to keep doing the 1st CD which is cardio for about two weeks and then move on according to the calendar once I build my legs and heart rate. I thought I could try shakeology becuase it was discounted with T25. I rarely eat breakfast so it has been a good quick meal that I unfortunatly used to skip before. I haven’t noticed much different from it yet but, we will see in a few weeks. I got the chocolate and I like the taste. I add bananas and use fat free milk. We will see.

  3. Sue

    How much does Shakeology cost? I am truly interested.

    • Tony Banawa

      You can find out all the info on the links above for pricing, ingredients, etc. Thanks

  4. Tina

    I just had my first Shakology shake yesterday and it was great! The new vanilla is delicious and satisfies my sweet tooth perfectly. I look forward to trying different recipes and favors. I’m in my second week of Focus T25 Alpha and im feeling fantastic! Thanks, Tony for sharing your comments and experience!

    • Tony Banawa

      Thanks for your feedback and testimonial Tina. I am grateful to hear about your journey:-)

  5. Jessica

    Is there a way to get free samples or, at least, cheaper samples? Shakeology is pretty expensive and I don’t want to have to spend over $120.00 for a product I won’t like.

    • Tony Banawa

      Hi Jessica, Shakeology comes with a bottom of the bag guarantee for 30 days. Meaning no matter how much you consumed within your first 30 days of trying it, if you don’t like it, they will refund your money minus S&H. No Risk. No questions asked. Simply, if you’re not satisfied, they refund you. Hope this helps.

  6. Tracy

    I just wanted to tell you I believe in Shakeology. I don’t use it for a meal replacement or to help lose weight. I use it because I have cancer. All the vitamins and everything in it has helped me. It is amazing how great I feel and I am going through an aggressive chemo treatment. I should be on my butt. Because of this shake I am able to bounce back from my treatments. My doctors and nurses are amazed at how well I am doing. I owe it all to this shake and a positive mind set.

    • Tony Banawa

      Wow Tracy…I am so glad to see this and hear about how Shakeology has helped you. I wish you the best and please keep in touch, really:)

  7. Jason

    I actually do not care for Shakeology. the taste isnt the best which is fine because it’s more about health than taste but this product gives me the runs which isnt pleasant. I have tried it and probably will not order it again.

    • Tony Banawa

      Hey Jason, everybody’s body is different and shakeology definitely won’t work the same way for everyone. I am sorry to hear. May I ask how you prepared your shake, what was your schedule with shakeology like when you tried it, and for how long did you try it for? Thanks for sharing your experience, Jason.

  8. Katherine

    I love the Shakeology, I was turned onto it because it i GLUTEN FREE… given that I have Celiacs that is a major plus… I tried both the chocolate AND greenberry, greenberry is an aquired taste but if I add peaches to it or pineapple (Fresh of course) I find it to be okay, the chocolate ISmy favorite And learning from my Dr I can use it as a prenatal speaks highly of th health benefits. I just take folic acid with it and I am set (I hve a deficiency in F.A) I started to lose weight and dropped from a size 20 to a 14….while I still have much to lose I am happy with the results and it is worth the cost

    • Tony Banawa

      Wow Katherine! Keep it up. Chocolate is my favorite as well. I use it with dark chocolate almond milk cause I don’t do dairy, all natural PB, and coconut oil. It has helped smooth my skin on top of all the benefits Shakeology offers. Thanks for your share, Katherine. Very proud of your results so far:)

  9. Dee

    I was never a shake person; but, Shakeology tastes great and are really filling. So even though I drink it as a `

    • Tony Banawa

      Thanks for your Feedback, Dee. Glad to hear of your experience:)

  10. Terry

    Shakeology is fantastic. I’ve been doing it for a while. Not only do my Shakeology shakes taste great but I actually feel good after I eat them. You don’t feel bloated or lethargic like after you eat pizza or buffalo wings. There is no Shakeology Scam; it’s completely legit!

    • Tony Banawa

      Thanks for your feedback Terry! Great to hear it works for you.

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