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Shakeology scam is a FACT – at least for the naysayers being paid to put Shakeology on a negative light.

Let’s set the tone here that I am a human like you and have been skeptical of many products that claim to be the best and don’t follow through with their promises. I have been burned many times before and I was furious because I took it as an attack on my family’s finances. Literally, you don’t want anyone messing with your family’s money, especially from a salesperson that only wants to make a buck for themselves not caring about the benefits of you. So, to be up front here, I am a Beachbody coach and proud of it, but not because I want to sell Shakeology, but because I tried it first and had great results. As a beachbody coach, it allows me to share with other people my personal experiences in hopes that it can help them improve their life as well.

So let’s get this straight right off the bat…..I don’t write reviews about anything that I don’t use myself. Not only do I use the products I write about, but I use them the way they were made to be used to see if they deliver the results they promise.
Shakeology has definitely delivered on it’s promise!

To begin with, I’m not here to give false claims about Shakeology scam. As a matter of fact, I also had some doubts about the product before. However, because P90X was giving me some impressive results when I was starting out, I decided to give Shakeology a try after 30 days of starting my 90 day transformation.

The experience has taught me some valuable lesson in life; I took a risk, went beyond my doubts because I wanted to find something that could improve my inner well being while getting stronger, and it paid off. However, if you still believe Shakeology is a scam, you actually have two options to choose from:

  1. Leave this article completely cause no matter what I say, you won’t listen because you’ve made up your mind already
  2. Continue to read on to discover some surprising facts about Shakeology.

What you will find here is my honest experience that maybe will help you with the misconception of the Shakeology Scam myth.

Shakeology Scam: Debunking the Myths

The Shakeology scam myth is actually not a bad thing in my opinion. That is, because everything in life that does well or is successful has it’s attackers, haters, and non believers. In most part, these myths start from people that are either competitors, have not used the product in the right way, or just simply have nothing better to do than to put success down.

You have every right to believe that shakeology is a scam until proven that it isn’t. But how can the true benefits of shake0logy be proven to you? Give it a try yourself such as I did. Not only that, but give it time to actually get you the results it promises. Some people try it once and say it doesn’t work. Well yeah!! It won’t after just one shot. You need to give your body time to adjust to the new regime. If you do, you could find yourself healthier than you have ever been.

So why do I believe in Shakeology? At age 36, I have more energy throughout the day than most. My 66 year old diabetic parents are thinking about getting off their medication because their blood sugar has improved drastically since taking it once a day.
Is Shakeology the only solution? Of course not, but it is what I chose and it works!

Shakeology is not a protein shake but a meal replacement made with a total of 70 natural ingredients. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why people start to throw some doubts on Shakeology – the idea of combining a total of 70 fruits and vegetables from all over the globe and then processing them to create a single fitness product is too hard to handle, let alone too expensive to buy.

Shakeology is REAL, and if you decide to give it a try like I did, you’re giving yourself a chance at a life changing experience. The myth about Shakeology being too expensive doesn’t even make sense because if you’re going to buy it through the Monthly Autoship plan (no shipping fee, 30-day supply), it will turn out that a single serving costs only $3 to $4. That’s way too cheap if you’re going to consider all the hard work and high-grade ingredients involved in coming up with this all-in-one fitness formula.

So what’s the point of believing in Shakeology scam when there are obviously more reasons to trust it? I’m not here to convince you to buy Shakeology because at the end of the day, the power to decide is still yours. But what if Shakeology scam is actually true? Well, I thought the same thing before but once I discovered all the good things that Shakeology has to offer, I was able to put all my worries at bay.

Shakeology Scam | What You Need to Know

If you think that the idea of Shakeology scam always keep you from trying the product, consider the following benefits you can get from each serving of Shakeology:

  • Less food cravings so you can lose more weight easily
  • Increased energy and stamina to boost your workout performance
  • Improved digestion and regularity
  • Lower cholesterol and an improved mood.

(See what unbiased has to say about Shakeology.)

Aside from the benefits above, the taste of Shakeology (especially chocolate, my favorite. ShakeologyRecipes here) is so smooth that you will actually think that you’re having a dessert. In addition to that, Shakeology also offers a total of 20 phytonutrients and antioxidants that help in battling out free radicals being linked to certain cardiovascular disorders and even cancer.

But the good news about Shakeology doesn’t end with only four benefits. As a matter of fact, Shakeology is caffeine and gluten-free so people with caffeine intolerance, hypertension and Celiac disease don’t need to worry about their health while drinking Shakeology.

Now, if you think that’s all that Shakeology can offer, you might be surprised to discover that it’s only the tip of the iceberg.
According to a recent 90-day study, people who regularly use Shakeology as a meal replacement record an average weight loss of 10 lbs., lowered cholesterol by 30% and growth of healthier skin, hair and nails by 70%. Now I personally have friends with bigger margins of weight loss but let’s stay REAL and common without exaggeration . Also, it’s not mainly about weight loss, but being healthier all together isn’t it?

So Is Shakeology A Scam? No Way!

No matter what they say about a Shakeology scam or whether it is fact or fiction, I will still stick to this all natural meal replacement as my choice because it has proven to work for me and my family.

What’s great about Shakeology is the “Bottom of the Bag” guarantee which means you can return the empty bag to Beachbody (less s&h) after one month if you’re not satisfied with it. Apparently, I still use Shakeology so that means it’s benefits far outweigh the doubts I had for it before. My love affair with Shakeology has also become possible because of the fact that I can drink my favorite chocolate Shakeology as it is or make some tasty recipes out of it and still get great results.

So next time you come across a Shakeology scam situation, most likely it will be coming from a competitor that is trying to win you over, or someone who didn’t give it the right amount of time to work for them, or simply someone who doesn’t like it and that’s okay.

You have to use what works for you!

Do you still believe in Shakeology scam? What are your thoughts/experiences about Shakeology? Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below or share this article to spread the truth about Shakeology scam!

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