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ShakeologyShakeology in layman’s terms could be defined as the study of shakes; but in this program it is used differently. Shakeology as a program focuses on diet and exercise to lose weight, reduce cholesterol levels and to normalize blood sugar levels. It is called as Shakeology since it majorly focuses on nutrition by providing scientifically studied shakes that are proven to be very beneficial to the human body.

Shakeology Program

The program itself is recommended to replace one to two meals per day with shakeology’s shake to be combined with proper exercise and proper eating habits. In the 90-day study conducted by Shakeology, it was found out that majority of the participants were able to lose at least 10 pounds, decreased 2 inches from their waistline and lowered their LDL (bad cholesterol) levels by 38%. Shakes being offered by Shakeology are packed with protein and numerous micronutrients in minimal calorie formula to ensure that its participants will be healthier despite the fact that they are losing weight.

The eating habit program of Shakeology is divided into five parts; breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between those 3 making it 5. The proper interval for eating are; to eat breakfast within 1hr of waking up, eat snacks after 2-3 hours, eat lunch after 2-3 hours and eat dinner 3 hours before sleeping. This eating habit program allows you to eat foods in small frequent feedings that allows you to discipline yourself when to eat and when not to eat.

The Shakes

Shakes being offered in Shakeology are compact nutrients that are attained from organic substance all around the world. It can be considered as a multivitamin substitute that is available in one single drink. The shake itself contains numerous essential amino acids, prebiotics, phytonutrients and numerous micronutrients.

Advantages of Shakeology

The first advantage of Shakeology is that it can correct your eating habits that lead you to weight problems in the first place. The 90-day study of the program is the good start to start living healthy. It does not advocate heavy work-outs or difficult diet regimens since it is catered to suit the ability and the need of its users. Shakeology is one of the world’s best programs for obese and overweight individuals to get their ideal body shape and to be healthy once again.

The second advantage of Shakeology is that it offers shakes that are very tasty. It is not a medicine that you will have a hard time eating it.

The third advantage of Shakeology is that it is comprehensive enough to include hydration, diet, exercise and shakes in a program that allows you to attain your goals with relative ease.


Most individuals who have undergone the program were happy about it and were proud about how they look right now. Some commented that they stay more focused, that they did not feel that they were on a diet, that this is the only diet that they didn’t experience any cravings. These testimonials in general are some of the positive feedbacks being given to the product.

Aside from those, numerous health practitioner like William Katkov MD (gastroenterologist), Mark Cheng MD (Chinese Medicine), Marvin Slepian MD (Cardiologist), have tested and made testimonials that Shakeology is safe to use and is in fact beneficial to a person’s health especially if he/she is suffering from malnutrition because of being overweight.

Shakeology is a meal replacement including various kinds of the healthiest foods, including fruits and vegetables that are formulated into a smooth shake for consumption.

The Shakeology ingredients are prepared from fresh and sweet fruits as well as from green and leafy vegetables. These shakes provide you with the best nutrients and vitamins as well as minerals, which are quite useful in your body.

Due to the fact that they are prepared from these foods, Shakeology ingredients enable you to have the best levels of energy in your body. It has been found that those individuals who take shakes in the morning or at lunch time get to boost their energy. They feel refreshed and are able to work well.

Shakeology ingredients have been providing quite a range of advantages to several individuals in the society. These are such as;

Providing them with the best ways of losing weight

Many people are troubled by the weight factor in life. There are those who have tried to lose weight using many other ways and have failed. The Shakeology ingredients are the best to use when on your quest to lose weight. These ingredients do not have fats, added sugars and excess calories, thus ensuring that you take what is enough for your body. Taking these shakes made from fruits and vegetables and other natural foods ensures that you stay full and don’t have the urge to eat other foods which are not healthy. Combining Shakeology ingredients with simple exercise will give you optimum results in losing weight, felling energized, and staying regular.


Reducing the level of blood sugarShakeology
The Shakeology ingredients have natural sugars and not those that are added during processing. These are the best as they make sure your blood sugar stays within the best levels. This helps in preventing the occurrence of certain diseases such as diabetes.

Reducing the levels of cholesterol and saturated fats
The Shakeology ingredients are made from those foods which have unsaturated fats and those which have little or no cholesterol in them. These are quite healthy and help in preventing diseases such as heart condition, strokes and obesity. Cholesterol is very dangerous in large amounts and it leads to many complications.

Provide them with an alternative replacement for their nutrition
It is always good to experiment and add healthy diets for the better of your nutritional health. The Shakeology ingredients have the best of natural minerals, vitamins and nutrients. You get the best that you might not be getting from other diets.

Shakeology ingredients are now receiving so much popularity from the public due to these benefits they have. People are able to enjoy living much healthier lives with the help of the Shakeology ingredients.

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