How to Use the P90X DVDs to Their Fullest

Whether you have recently purchased the P90X workout or you have had it for a while, learning how to use the P90X DVDs is important to get the best results. Though your DVDs come with the P90X workout guide book, there may be some optimum equipment or supplements you have not heard about that can help boost your P90X results.


How to Use the P90X DVDs | Minimum Gear Required

In order to use the P90X DVD system, there are a few minimum gear requirements you will need to meet. These include:


  • The P90X DVDs themselves
  • One P90X pull-up bar
  • A set of dumbbells or resistance bands


How to Use the P90X DVDs | Extra Gear Recommended

What your P90X workout guide book may or may not have told you is about the extra gear recommended to get the best results from your P90X workouts. Some extra gear recommended for optimal P90X results can include:


  • A Recovery Shake – Shakeology, Beachbody’s newest shake product is a great after workout shake and recovery shake that will help you repair muscles after a workout. Drink your recovery shake within one hour of completing your P90X workout.
  • Whey Protein – Protein is important for your body’s ability to burn fat and build muscle. A whey protein shake daily for a snack can help boost your overall protein content and build muscle faster with your P90X DVDs.
  • Yoga Mat – On your P90X tracking sheet you will see yoga workouts and ab workouts. By using a yoga mat you can be that much more comfortable on the floor while doing your P90X routines.
  • Heart Rate Monitor – It important to reach your target heart rate in order to burn the most calories and improve your overall fitness level. Heart rate monitors can be found online or at local sporting goods stores for relatively cheap.


How to Use P90X DVDs | The P90X Workout Guide Book

With your purchase of P90X workout DVDs you will have noticed a P90X workout guide book. This book not only tells you how many minutes and how often to use each P90X DVD, but also guides users based on their level of fitness prior to starting P90X. You will find recipes and recommended diet plans also in your P90X workout guide book. These recipes and dietary recommendations are specifically designed to help promote a healthier body, more energy and faster fat-burning.

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