A List Of Most Sought After At Home Workouts For Men

Guys, let’s be honest … If you’re a busy person, dedicated father,  like spending time with your family like myself, or just plain love doing workouts in your own private residence from time to time,  at home workouts for men are purely proven to get you serious results.

If you have ever tried to workout at home on your own, then you know how hard it can be to keep a tight schedule on a custom workout routine. That is why when programs like P90x and Insanity came out, they revolutionized how the fitness industry works.

Not only did these in home programs I’m about to mention sweep the in home fitness industry, but they put together a concept that even helped people learn how to properly eat, write down and improve their performance daily, and allow anyone who bought their programs free access to a community of hundreds of thousands to communicate with. Basically, making it fun to workout.

I used to think that any home I saw done at home was for beginners or just the females. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Turns out that I got better results than I ever got going to the traditional gym. Not everyone can afford a gym membership or let alone a personal trainer @ $45/hour or a nutritionist @ $100 per hour. These at home workouts for men below give all that to you and more, and even elite athletes are taking notice and implementing them into their training regimen.

Gyms no longer held a monopoly on the fitness industry, and at-home workouts suddenly started to take flight. Times are changing as we all know. The cell phones are basically your everything you need mobile device instead of just a big block that sits i your middle console in case you broke down on the road. Kids aren’t asking for Lite Brite, slinky’s, or remote control cars anymore for their birthdays, they want Ipads, Iphones, and laptops. Just like that evolution, you can no longer drink safely from the garden hose anymore with your friends on a hot day like we used to back 20 years ago. It’s just not safe.

My point, the way we get in shape and get healthy is forever changing. Fitness doesn’t have to take up your time and get in the way of your career or social life. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to be a mystery on how to get your results. There are now at home workouts for men that guide you from A-Z, from start to finish.

But what are the best home based training regiments? Here we list some of our favorites in different categories.

Best Beginner At Home Workouts For Men

1. Power 90

At home workouts for men

Power 90 - My top recommendation for at home workouts for men - Beginners Level


Unlike P90x, this video series was actually designed for beginners. If you are finding P90x too stressful, try switching to the introductory exercises in power 90 for a more balanced approach.

Power 90 came out before the popular P90X, which was an extreme workout designed to give Power 90 graduates something to build on. The rest is history.

At Home Workouts For Men Already In A Bit Of Shape

1. P90x

At Home Workouts For Men

P90X is one of the top at home workouts for men today

With the extreme level that fitness training programs have come to these days, the legendary P90x can still be classified as the top at home sold workout for total body transformation.

When p90x first came out of course, it was considered too extreme for your average couch potato American, and critics said it wouldn’t sell. The only problem was p90x went on to become the best-selling fitness DVD of all time. You will be pushing and pulling in all angles you never imagined to help your body become strong and functional for all life situations, not just general strength and looks.

Get this classic, but still great introduction to the Beach Body series and you are guaranteed to have a head start on all the rest.



2. P90x 2

at home workouts for men

P90X2 is for the advanced fitness level - At home workouts for men

P90x 2 is meant for those athletes who graduated P90X and is ready to take it to the next level. P90X2 isn’t harder than P90X, but the difference is doing the actual strength routines with balance, therefore focusing more on core strength and balance, agility, functionality, and more.

You will find that your lifting strength is only half the puzzle when it comes to building a solid physique. You need endurance, flexibility, and a proper diet to ensure you get the most amount of reps on every set.

Being able to use your strength in many different ways than the traditional curls, bench press, and squats is what P90x2 is for. It is designed to give you that added strength when you really need it in real life situations to prevent injury and live a more functional life confidently. It teaches you not only to lift heavy weight, but lift weight with balance and other muscle working together for all around fitness and well being.


3. Insanity

At home workouts for men

The Insanity workout is one of the hardest cardio at home workouts for men in my opinion.


The original Insanity work out DVD is one of the most difficult training regiments on the planet. If personal trainers and athletes have trouble getting through this DVD, how do you think you will fare?

This is meant for seriously dedicated, muscle toning freaks. Don’t let the kids anywhere near it. In all seriousness, I always let my kids do cardio with me. It’s just good for them and it teaches them a healthy lifestyle at a young age.

If you are having trouble getting through the program, don’t feel bad about skipping a day if your body is screaming at you. Allow your body to recover and go at it again. Also, don’t try to keep up with any of them in the DVD and don’t compare yourself to them until you have reached that level you could literally say, you’ve gone the distance and I did it.


4. Insanity Asylum

At home workouts for men

Insanity Asylum - One of the hardest at home workouts for men & women


Insanity Asylum differs from its predecessor in that its primary objective is agility, cardio, and endurance instead a full body sculpted physique.

Insanity Asylum was designed in conjunction with some of the best athletic training regiments on the planet, including those used by Olympic athletes. It is the perfect complement to an intense cardio workout.

I use this program to help me train for the word known tough mudder events. Pro athletes helped put this intense endurance and strength program together so you know it’s something you’ll be challenged with. The agility ladder is used frequently in this series to make sure you use proper form which is something new from the first Insanity. Volume 2 will be coming out later this year featuring Olympic speed skater, Apolo Ohno.

Best Muscle Building at Home Workouts for Men

1. Les Mills Pump

At home workouts for men

Les Mills Pump - Good for that lean ripped look


Using a dynamic blend of cross training, muscle confusion and muscle stretching exercises, Les Mills’ Pump was designed to maximize your muscles to their fullest potential. They use a “Rep Effect” to get you that lean toned physique in 90 days. In this program, you will be using the low weight high rep style for lean muscle mass.

Les Mills also happens to be a nutritional expert, if you didn’t know. His book that comes with the Pump DVD has been rated one of the best training diet books currently on the market.

Be sure and follow both the training routine and the diet book to the letter in order to maximize results.


3. Body Beast Workout

At home workouts for men

The old school body building with modern scientific strategies at home workout for men - Body Beast


The newest at home workout for men (and  women) to enjoy from BeachBody. This DVD was designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to get you bigger. Unlike all the other Beachbody programs promoted to get you that lean beach body look,  they’ve brought in Sagi Kalev, former bodybuilding title holder, to the scene and he really gets you pumped for massive gains.

You may be thinking that you’ll need an olympic bench and hundreds of punds of dumbbells and iron weights, but honestly, you can take advantage of this change in the world I talked about earlier and find out how modern scientific study along with old school bodybuilding techniques are now able to get you the same results at home with minimal equipment.

Expect to push your muscles beyond what you ever thought they could handle, and build a physique faster than you ever thought was possible with the Body Beast all natural supplements to help you.


So those are my top at home workouts for men that are proven to get you the results you want and at the same time, won’t take over your social life. All of these workouts above will take focus, a true health goal that is emotional, and a support team to help you get through the transformation.

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